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ASDAN courses are 'flexible and suitable for all learners'

ASDAN courses are 'flexible and suitable for all learners'

More than 90% of respondents to ASDAN’s 2016 customer survey rated the effectiveness of the organisation’s courses in raising learners’ self-esteem and confidence as either excellent or good.

When asked how they would rate the effectiveness of ASDAN's courses in developing and accrediting soft skills, such as communication and teamwork, a similar number also said excellent or good.

Other highlights from the survey are below.

  • 100% of customers who called central office in the last year easily got through to the right team and received a professional, friendly and satisfactory response
  • 95% of respondents who emailed central office received a response within 48 hours
  • 90% of customers felt the ongoing support they receive from regional staff is excellent or good
  • Of those that attended a moderation meeting, 96% rated their experience as excellent or good
  • Almost 100% of respondents rated the advice they received from one of our programme advisers as either excellent or good

One customer said: “I absolutely love ASDAN and so do my students. The variety of the tasks for credits is brilliant and the courses reach such a wide range of different learners.”

Another respondent said: “ASDAN courses are accessible to learners of all abilities and are achievable for all. They are easy to follow and come with excellent resources and support. There is a good variety of programmes and qualifications and staff at head office are brilliant at providing help.”

One customer commented on how enjoyable it was to teach an ASDAN course. “I have had a lot of fun teaching the course and it’s very flexible,” they said. “All learners can work at their own pace using materials that are relevant to them, and there is no pressure on the learner to do any more than they are able to do.”

Sandra Slocombe, ASDAN Chief Operating Officer, said: “We would like to thank all those who took the time to respond to our survey – it is much appreciated.

“We are greatly encouraged by such fantastic results. Common themes in the feedback are that ASDAN provides flexible courses that reward student achievement and are accessible and engaging for learners of all abilities. Our customers appreciate ASDAN’s unique pedagogy, which avoids the fear of failure often associated with formal exams by using formative assessment.

“ASDAN staff are currently evaluating all the responses so that we can introduce further improvements to customer service and ensure we are meeting our objective of helping young people develop skills for learning, employment and life.”