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ASDAN welcomes new Education Secretary Justine Greening


Statement from ASDAN following the appointment of the RT Hon Justine Greening MP as Secretary of State for Education.

Kath Grant, ASDAN Director of Education, said: “We welcome the new Secretary of State Justine Greening whose appointment, together with the more inclusive language used last week by the new Prime Minister Theresa May, represents an important opportunity to revisit some of the positive remarks made by the Commons Education Select Committee about PSHE and Sex and Relationships Education (SRE) last year.

“The committee’s report ‘Life lessons: PSHE and SRE in schools’ said that young people have a right to information that will help keep them healthy and safe, adding that PSHE has a role to play in developing character and resilience, and has a positive effect on academic outcomes. 

“The committee highlighted that, when provided in an age-appropriate way, SRE can contribute to a school's safeguarding efforts, and instil the principle of consent that will protect young people as they grow up. ‘Life lessons’ made a vital point that delivering high quality SRE is particularly important for the most vulnerable children, including looked after children, LGBT children and those with special educational needs.

“ASDAN believes that high quality PSHE is key to improving young people’s employability and future life chances and our courses provide flexible and engaging ways of teaching the subject.

“We look forward to hearing Ms Greening’s views on PSHE and SRE and how they can obtain the recognition they deserve in schools.”