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Careers education ‘vital’ in new technical education system

Careers education ‘vital’ in new technical education system

Ministers have pledged to ‘reform careers education and guidance’ as part of plans to transform post-16 education in England.

Thousands of ‘ineffective’ vocational courses in the ‘complex field of technical education’ will be replaced with 15 straightforward routes.

The Post-16 Skills Plan announced that learners aged 16 will have a choice between an academic or a technical pathway to continue their education.

“It is vital that young people and adults can see clearly which programmes they should follow in order to target particular careers,” the report said. “Careers education and guidance will play a vital role in the success of the reformed technical education system.”

The government accepted all the recommendations of a report into technical education by an independent panel, chaired by Lord Sainsbury.

The panel’s report said: “Government should also support schools and colleges to embed into careers education and guidance, from an early age, details of the new 15 technical education routes, so that young people and their parents understand the range of different occupations available and how to reach them. We also recommend the National Careers Service reviews how it presents its career information and guidance in the light of our recommendations for reform of the technical education system.”

Earlier this month, the Sub-Committee on Education, Skills and the Economy said skills shortages in England have been exacerbated by inadequate career guidance in many schools.

Simon Lawrence, ASDAN Development Co-ordinator, said: “Careers guidance is substandard in many schools but high quality careers provision is essential if young people are to make discerning choices about their future and reach their full potential.

“ASDAN’s Careers and Experiencing Work Short Course enables young people to explore a wide range of career options and this flexible and engaging programme can be used to accredit 10 to 60 hours of activities.”

ASDAN provides a suite of Vocational Tasters that can help prepare learners for entering several of the 15 technical routes announced by the government. These are:

Paul Eeles, CEO of the Skills and Education Group, comprising ASDAN, said: “The publication of the Post-16 Skills Plan could not be more timely and we welcome the initiative to raise standards across qualifications and ensure they provide learners with the knowledge and skills they need to forge successful technical and professional careers.”