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ASDAN praises the hard work of GCSE students and teachers

ASDAN praises the hard work of GCSE students and teachers

Kath Grant, Director of Education at ASDAN, one of the UK’s largest providers of skills-based programmes and qualifications, said:

“Pupils and teachers should be congratulated on some excellent results, which are a testament to their hard work over the past two years.

“These results are published in a time of flux for schools, and in many ways reflect the pace of change imposed on teachers and students. We are concerned to see a drop in the number of students taking Art and Design, Design technology and PE, which is due to the focus on academic subjects imposed by the EBacc. This narrowing of the curriculum is very limiting for many students, who will not be given the opportunity to study subjects in which they excel and which may lead them into successful careers.

“We are also concerned at the gender imbalance, which continues despite the abolition of coursework which was said to unfairly advantage girls. Females outperform males in every subject apart from mathematics at GCSE and in many subjects this gap is significant.  More work needs to be done on addressing this imbalance to ensure that every student meets their potential and has an opportunity to successfully access employment and further education.

“Schools are very aware that while their priority remains securing good GCSE passes for their pupils, particularly in the core subjects, there is significantly more to each of their students than has been shown by today’s results. It is often those attributes which are not demonstrated in GCSE grades that underpin more natural progression to the workplace, apprenticeships and even university.

“For all young people, ASDAN's qualifications offer an enhancement to the more academic learning that is demonstrated by their GCSE grades.

“Many teenagers leaving school this summer will be better prepared for the future through having secured important skills that will improve their chances of gaining employment. For them, and for the future of the UK economy, this is a valuable achievement."