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Learners in Scotland achieve impressive exam results

Learners in Scotland achieve impressive exam results

ASDAN would like to congratulate learners in Scotland who have recorded another highly successful set of results for this year’s SQA qualifications.

“Scotland’s students achieved 152,701 Higher passes, only the second time the number of passes has exceeded 150,000 and an increase of more than 40,000 since 2006,” said Kath Grant, ASDAN Director of Education. “This was despite a fall in the size of the year groups involved.

“There was also an increase in the number of Higher level qualifications gained in relation to wider skills for life and work. Attainment of National Certificates at SCQF level 6 – each of which attracts the same number of credit points as three Highers – are up by 23% to 4,920, confirming that efforts to expand vocational education are having an impact.”

This year, more than 300 learners in Scotland achieved the following ASDAN qualifications:

In addition, more than 1,900 learners in ASDAN-registered centres in Scotland in the past year were awarded certificates for our Personal Development Programmes and Preparing for Adulthood Programmes.

“As a result of undertaking ASDAN’s engaging and flexible qualifications and programmes, students in Scotland have enhanced their personal and social attributes, developed essential soft skills that employers want, and boosted their resilience, confidence and self-esteem,” said Ms Grant. “They have also been given the chance to take ownership of their learning as part of courses that cater for their learning needs.”