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Government promises comprehensive careers strategy for 2017


More needs to be done to address the quality and consistency of careers provision across England, according to Robert Halfon, the Apprenticeships and Skills Minister.

In a recent speech on careers at Westminster Academy, London, Mr Halfon confirmed that a comprehensive careers strategy for all ages will be published later this year.

“I want to reach a position where all schools and colleges are offering exceptional careers advice and guidance, through their own comprehensive and tailored strategy,” he said.

Ministers will consider the perception of careers provision in schools, which for too long ‘has not been seen as a vital part of our education system’.

Mr Halfon said that providing high quality careers guidance and support was not just a question of funding, but of how schools decide to spend their funding.

“Schools that provide high quality careers advice do not do so because they have a greater share of the pot, but because they see providing high quality careers advice as being vitally important to the future of their pupils,” he said.

“The challenge facing us is clear: there is a very real gap between what employers are seeking and the skills that people currently have.

“To address this challenge and ensure people of all ages are trained in the skills our country needs, we may need to change the way different career paths are viewed. Apprenticeships are delivering fantastic opportunities for many people. We need to level the playing field between technical and academic education, so that more and more young people are aware of the benefits of technical education.”

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  • Career exploration
  • Considering higher education
  • Considering apprenticeships
  • Preparing for the workplace

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