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ASDAN accredited programme boosts young people’s confidence

ASDAN accredited programme boosts young people’s confidence

Two new programmes, launched by Northamptonshire Youth Offending Service (NYOS) and accredited by ASDAN, have transformed young people’s life chances.

NYOS, a multi-agency partnership that works with young people aged 10-18 to prevent reoffending, has been delivering the ASDAN Activities Short Course for almost 10 years. The aim was to recognise and reward the learning from community payback activities undertaken by offenders following a court order.

Earlier this year, NYOS became an ASDAN Customised Accreditation partner. Customised Accreditation is a bespoke arrangement where ASDAN accredits and certificates a programme written by another organisation.

The new NYOS programmes – Going Places: Rights and Responsibilities and Going Places: On the Right Track ­– were created by the multi-agency partnership to structure learning on issues including substance misuse, victim awareness, gender equality, thinking and behaviour skills and employability skills. Rights and Responsibilities focuses on experiential learning group work, while On the Right Track involves delivery on a one-to-one basis.

Darren Carson, Restorative Justice Co-ordinator at NYOS, said: “We wanted to sign up for Customised Accreditation through ASDAN because we have a great working relationship with the organisation through the delivery of the Activities Short Course.

“Our ASDAN regional representative Zoe Reid worked closely with us to ensure the two new programmes effectively recorded the learning by the young people, provided evidence for improvements in thinking skills and behaviour through the creation of a portfolio, and ensured internal moderation for the courses was robust. This input and partnership approach to creating and accrediting our new programmes was very helpful.”

Mr Carson said the new programmes have already had a life-changing impact on young people.

He said: “One young person, who was directionless in life, undertook voluntary work with a charity with the learning accredited through ASDAN. The ASDAN certificate he was awarded will be one of the first certificates he has ever achieved and so it was a huge accomplishment for him. The result has been that the young person’s confidence has been transformed. Through the programme and the evidence gathered on his achievements, he has realised he can succeed if he puts his mind to a task. Now we are working with this individual to plan his next steps at a local college. This is one of many examples of the impact these programmes have already had on young offenders.”

Mike Hodgson, Head of Service for NYOS, said: “The accreditation of learning through a national awarding body like ASDAN provides an important recognition of the work undertaken by young people on programmes, reinforces their achievements, and assists them in moving away from offending. Customised Accreditation through ASDAN provides added value to our programmes.”

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