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ASDAN hosts EU meeting on intercultural education project

ASDAN hosts EU meeting on intercultural education project
The B.LIVING team comprises professionals from six European countries

Education leaders from across Europe recently gathered at ASDAN’s Bristol office to discuss religious diversity and intercultural education.

In the latest of a series of meetings for the B.LIVING project, an EU Erasmus+ initiative, ASDAN welcomed education experts from Belgium, Austria, Spain, Greece and Turkey.

The aim of the project is to provide vulnerable groups of newly arrived young people – refugees, asylum seekers, and migrants – with access to intercultural education in formal and non-formal settings.

“Intercultural education helps recent arrivals integrate into their society more easily as well as boosting their self-esteem and confidence,” said Simon Lawrence, ASDAN Development Manager.

“Learners whose culture is respected and understood by teachers are far more likely to flourish in the classroom. When learners themselves develop a greater understanding of the culture and religions of their new surroundings, this helps prevent conflict and misconceptions.

“Intercultural education gives the learner a greater chance of succeeding in their new environment as well as promoting community cohesion. The benefits for vulnerable learners and their communities are far reaching, which is why at ASDAN we are thrilled to be involved in this project.”

B.LIVING, which began in October 2016, will provide teachers and trainers with new methodologies and tools for the development of a more inclusive education practice.  

The project will result in:

  • a report on religious diversity and intercultural education in Europe, including information on successful methodologies from other countries and the skills required by teachers and trainers
  • a training curriculum for teachers and tutors on religious diversity and interculturalism
  • a B.LIVING handbook, toolbox and training apps, containing advice and practical activities

The next meeting for the project takes place in Turkey in February 2018 with the final conference in Belgium in July 2018.

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