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ASDAN launches Accelerating Progress courses to support GCSEs

ASDAN launches Accelerating Progress courses to support GCSEs

ASDAN's new Accelerating Progress courses in English and mathematics – designed to help learners with the more challenging elements of the new, tougher GCSEs in England –have been launched.

The courses have been designed to support pre- and post-16 learners and are focused on enabling students to secure a grade 4 or 5.

Accelerating Progress courses will also provide support for learners in post-16 education who are resitting the new specification English and mathematics GCSEs, which students undertook for the first time this summer.

ASDAN credits gained from Accelerating Progress courses can be put towards achieving the Certificate of Personal Effectiveness (CoPE) at Level 1 or 2. The flexible and engaging CoPE has been shown to boost young people’s confidence and motivation as well as improving GCSE attainment.

Martina Veale, ASDAN Education Director, said: “English and mathematics remain key subjects that are fundamental for further study and employment. Not only are they double weighted in Progress 8, it is compulsory for post-16 students to resit these subjects if they do not secure a good pass.

“Our Accelerating Progress courses have been designed by expert practitioners who have a proven track record in helping GCSE students to gain a pass and unlock their potential.

“By helping learners to achieve in English and mathematics, we are facilitating their progression on to continued study, training or employment as well as helping them succeed in education.”

Course details

Our Accelerating Progress English programme will challenge students to develop higher-order reading and critical thinking skills, supporting them to formulate and express their own opinions – one of the key requirements of the new GCSE, and an important life skill.

The challenges in the mathematics programme have a contextual approach, applying subject material to everyday events. This reflects the greater emphasis in the mathematics GCSE on applying new skills and knowledge to real-life problems and situations.

Learners undertaking Accelerating Progress courses achieve an ASDAN credit for every 10 hours of activity. Up to six of these credits can be put towards the ASDAN Certificate of Personal Effectiveness Level 1 and 2 qualification (12 credits required).

Online access

Learners access the courses online using ASDAN’s e-portfolio system. Students input their completed challenges, identify skills development and upload their evidence for tutors to sign off online. 

Demo account

A demo of the e-portfolio system is available for centres that wish to view the course content before registering their learners: 

  • username:
  • password: progress

Resources and certificates

Tutor support manuals are available for each course and have been designed to assist non-specialists in delivering the programmes. The manuals, available in print and electronic formats, include detailed tutor notes for each challenge, information on subject-specific skills development and practice exam questions. Certificates are available as free downloadable pdfs or as printed foiled certificates at an extra cost.

Sign up to deliver Accelerating Progress

If you are not currently an ASDAN centre, you will need to register with us to begin delivering Accelerating Progress. Please complete the online centre registration form. Centres already registered with ASDAN can register for Accelerating Progress at no extra cost. Simply log in to the members area and add Accelerating Progress as a new course.

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