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Free resources to promote home learning and educating

Free resources to promote home learning and educating

ASDAN is giving away free, downloadable resources to support home learning and educating. These resources, ranging from working towards Entry 1 to Level 2, are aimed at educators and learners as well as their parents and guardians, where appropriate, and can be accessed here.

ASDAN wishes to support educators and learners aged 10–19+, together with parents and guardians, during this uncertain time. We hope that these resources will go some way towards supporting all those who share our passion for independent learning, promoting learner progress, and boosting young people’s confidence and self-esteem at an unprecedented time during their education.

We encourage you to share this page and the resources with anyone who you feel will benefit. Please give us your feedback on the resources and offer us any advice on what else we can do to support you through our Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, using the hashtag #ASDANresources.

ASDAN remains open and is here to support you and your learners in the coming weeks and months.

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