Let's Be Enterprising

This skills development resource offers an enterprise project for ages 7-11. Let's Be Enterprising can easily be delivered by school staff, either as an after-school activity or during the school day.

The resource contains an introduction to the programme, session plans for ten 90-minute sessions, photocopiable worksheets and a photocopiable Skills Development Log for learners.

Let's Be Enterprising leads young people through the process of designing, running and reviewing their own mini enterprise project. They will come up with ideas for their enterprise, carry out market research, find out about advertising, take on different roles within their team and organise an event to share their success. Let's Be Enterprising has been designed to develop teamwork and negotiation skills.

Download sample pages from the Let's Be Enterprising resource.

Let's Be Enterprising can be purchased from the online shop

Skills Development Logs

Learners can record their progress throughout the programme using a Skills Development Log. Each learner will need their own copy, which can be photocopied from pages in the module book or downloaded below:

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