Skills Achievement Stickers

Gamification resources for ASDAN programmes

These resources are based around the concepts of gamification and mastery in learning. They can be used to encourage and motivate learners, as well as providing evidence of progress and skills development.

Tutors award skills achievement stickers at their discretion when learners have practised, developed or mastered the six core skills at the heart of ASDAN programmes:

  • Teamwork
  • Learning
  • Coping with Problems
  • Use of IT
  • Use of English
  • Use of Maths

The skills achievement stickers can be used as stand-alone resources or to support skills development within ASDAN Key Steps, Short Courses and Personal Development Programmes.

Each pack contains resources for a group of 10 learners including sheets of stickers and tutor guidance with individual learner logs and a group wallchart for learners to collect their stickers.

The skills achievement stickers can be purchased on the online shop

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