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Lifeskills Challenge 

Training webinars are highly recommended for co-ordinators in centres that are running or planning to run Lifeskills Challenge.

Training covers administration processes, provides guidance on using the Lifeskills Challenge website and includes a practical introduction to writing and submitting challenges.

Centres will not be able to write and submit their own challenges until they have attended Lifeskills Challenge training.

To view upcoming webinars for Lifeskills Challenge, please visit our training page.

What is Lifeskills Challenge?

Updated for April 2019, Lifeskills Challenge is an online bank of challenges for learners working from pre-Entry to Level 3. This programme enables centres to meet individual needs by providing a personalised curriculum for young people with SEND or those facing barriers to learning.

Challenges have been mapped to the four Preparing for Adulthood pathways and cover subject areas such as English, mathematics and PSHE.