About this course

What is it?

Employers want people who are punctual and reliable, can work with other people and can complete tasks safely to the required standard. 

Workright provides a framework to develop a range of basic transferable employability skills. It can be used in a variety of settings, including schools, FE, training providers and day care services. 

Addressing SEND areas of need

ASDAN has produced a series of guidance documents showing how components of our programmes and qualifications can meet the four broad areas of need outlined in the SEND code of practice. Download our free guide to addressing SEND areas of need using Workright.


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Who is it for?

The programme has been developed for young people (aged 14+) and adults who are following a work-based/work experience programme of study.

It can cater for a wide range of abilities: those performing below Entry Level through to those at Entry 3 who may be able to progress quickly to training programmes and employment.


For those seeking a qualification outcome, Transition Challenge can be used to support the delivery of the Entry 1 qualifications in Personal Progress.

There is also scope for progression through:


The Workright modules can be undertaken in any order. Certification is available for all four modules or for individual modules.

Levels of support are used to show how the learner has achieved the activity. They show individual progression and differentiation between learners:

  • Experience recorded
  • Gestural help
  • No help
  • Physical help
  • Sensory experience
  • Spoken/signed help

Additionally, there is an opportunity to record students' achievements by allocating a P level or other descriptor to their work, as appropriate.


Each module is divided into three sections:

  • Health and safety at work: Health and safety rules; Emergencies; Keeping your workspace clean and tidy

  • Responsibilities in the workplace: Attendance; Timekeeping; Appearance

  • Working with others: Respecting others; Getting on with people at work; Working in a team

  • You at work: Doing jobs at work; The things you use at work; Getting help with problems at work

Workright Student Book

Each student must have their own copy of the student book.

Download sample pages from the Workright student book.

Getting started

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After students' work has been internally moderated, centres must register candidates for external moderation, which is carried out at a regional moderation meeting or by post. ASDAN will issue certificates following successful external moderation.

Gold certification is available to learners who have successfully completed all modules. Silver certification is also available for learners who have completed one or more modules.

1. Staff training

• The members of staff with overall responsibility for delivery must attend an ASDAN introductory workshop, webinar or INSET. Book at: asdan.org.uk/training
• Training to deliver Preparing for Adulthood courses is not a mandatory requirement, however it is highly recommended to ensure that the centre and learners obtain the maximum benefit from the programme.

2. Register with ASDAN

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• Become a member at: asdan.org.uk/membership or manage your existing membership at: asdan.org.uk/membership-details

3. Create a new cohort

• Create a new cohort using the ASDAN website: asdan.org.uk/member/cohorts
• Specify a course co-ordinator, the expected completion date and the number of learners taking the course. Select student books for your learners.

4. Purchase supporting resources

• Buy optional supporting resources. Available products are listed on this page. 

5. Delivery 

• Deliver the course to your learners. Resources can be downloaded from the course resources section on this page.

6. Internal moderation

• Internally moderate all portfolios to ensure that learners have met the full requirements of the course. Ensure learners are given time to make any necessary amendments. Internal moderation checklists are provided to support this process.

7. External moderation

• Book your moderation at: asdan.org.uk/member/moderations
• Confirm your learner names and details for moderation: asdan.org.uk/member/cohorts
• ASDAN will request a sample of portfolios for moderation, by post or at a regional meeting. Direct Certification Status (DCS) is also available to members who have had three successful moderations in the last three years. DCS is valid for two years.
• Certificates will be delivered to your centre within 20 working days of a successful moderation taking place.

If submitting portfolios for assessment at a regional moderation meeting, it is mandatory for at least one member of staff from the centre to attend the meeting. The member of staff attending will act as an independent moderator, undertaking moderation of other centres’ portfolios. This independent moderation will then be confirmed by an ASDAN external moderator.


All costs shown below are per candidate, unless otherwise stated. Each learner will need their own copy of the student book. 
Books purchased for Workright are valid for five years from the date of purchase.

Item Price
Workright student book £10.95
Workright tutor guidance (optional) £22.95
Postal moderation (on demand, per portfolio) £45.00
Certification £6.45

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