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GDPR compliance

ASDAN takes the data privacy of its customers very seriously and is committed to ensuring that all personal data it handles adheres to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The documents below provide more information on how we work to the highest standards in protecting the data of our centres and learners.

ASDAN Qualifications Centre Guidance

Assessment Structure & Process

This section provides information on:

Reasonable adjustments and special consideration 

This section provides information on how we ensure that the individual needs of learners are upheld. 

It includes the following information for centres:

  • Introduction and Definitions
  • Reasonable adjustments and Portfolio-based Assessments
  • Special Consideration 
  • Summary of Procedures and Administration

Reasonable Adjustments Application Form and Access Arrangements Notification Form

Policy and Procedures for Reasonable Adjustments and Special Consideration

Awarding and Reporting

This section provides information on:

  • Awarding and Reporting
  • Certification

This section contains information to support centres in the delivery, assessment and accreditation of all qualifications offered by ASDAN. The guidance, details of procedures and documentation are designed to maintain national standards and to the current regulatory requirements.

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