About this course

What is it?

Key Steps is a comprehensive programme of activities in a range of topic areas covering citizenship, PSHE, environment education, personal finance education, enterprise and internationalism. The flexibility and range of Key Steps means that it can be followed for up to three years or for less than one year.


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Who is it for?

The activities are aimed at the 10–14 age group and can be used in schools, youth or training centres and alternative education. They are presented in the form of personal challenges and encourage students to develop their personal skills and take responsibility for their own learning.

Facts and Figures


Learners complete challenges and collate the work they produce in their student book and recording documents. 

Students must complete 30 hours of challenges to achieve each certificate. Students may achieve up to three certificates.


Challenges can be selected from any of the nine modules:

  • Identity
  • Community
  • Health
  • Citizenship
  • Environment
  • Personal finance
  • Enterprise
  • Values
  • International

Student Book

Download sample pages from the Key Steps student book.

Each student must have their own book.

1. Course guidance

Download the tutor guidance and information from the course resources below.

2. Purchase learner books

A student book must be purchased for each learner before starting Key Steps. Please purchase from products below. 

3. Resources and recording documents

Download the the resources and recording documents from the course resources below.

4. Check and moderate

Key Steps is internally moderated.

The quality assurance documents in the course resources below will support you in carrying out internal moderation.

When students’ portfolios are ready for moderation, download the moderation checklist and use it to check that each portfolio contains all the required evidence and paperwork, tutor and candidate signatures, and that it is clearly laid out and labelled.

If there is something missing it is important that the student is given time and support to finish everything. When you, as the tutor, are sure that all the requirements have been met, you can register your candidates for external moderation.

To guide you through the administration and organisation of the internal moderation process we suggest that you follow the steps below:

  • Collect completed portfolios, including the student book from students.
  • Examine each portfolio, using the moderation checklists provided.
  • Confirm all the requirements have been fulfilled by completing and signing each student’s book.

5. Register your learners

Please take care when filling out the form in the members’ area of the ASDAN website as the certificates will be generated automatically from the information you submit. 

ASDAN reserves the right to request samples of candidates' portfolios for quality assurance purposes.

6. Certificate

Key Steps is internally moderated and externally certificated, with each student book entitling the learner to three certificates. 

Free PDF certificates are included in the price of each student book; you are able to claim up to three certificates per learner. Please complete the Key Steps Certificate Request spreadsheet and email it to programmes@asdan.org.uk to request certificates.

Printed certificates are available from ASDAN at an additional cost of £2.35 per certificate.

Printed certificates will be posted within 20 working days of learners being registered. The certificates will be addressed to your centre's Key Steps coordinator. 


All costs shown below are per candidate, unless otherwise stated. Each learner will need their own copy of the student book.
Books purchased for Key Steps are valid for three years from the date of purchase.

Item Price
Key Steps Student Book (one per learner) £7.95
Key Steps PDF certificate (up to three per learner) Free
Key Steps printed and foiled certificate (optional, per learner, per certificate) £2.95

Products can be purchased below.


Course resources

Key Steps - Module 4 Citizenship, challenge 14: Making and changing laws

This worksheet can be used to record proposed changes to laws in Party Manifestos. Learners are asked to list proposed changes to the law and say if they thing the change is a good or bad idea. This resource links to Key Steps - Module 4: Citizenship, challenge 14.

Scheme of work template

This template can be used to plan and create a scheme of work for any ASDAN programme or qualification. Also included is a completed example showing a scheme of work for Module 3 of the Personal Development Programmes.

Success stories

Key Steps course helps students develop empathy and cultural awareness

“At Rivermead School, we researched programmes that would give our students a broad wealth of knowledge and ASDAN's Key Steps came out on top,” says Penelope Jacques, multi-Sensory Support Worker at Rivermead School.