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5 free festive resources to help boost self-esteem and improve relationships

The ASDAN elves (the design team) have been busy sprinkling festive cheer over resources designed to help young people develop a more positive identity and communicate effectively.

We have taken these five person-centred planning tools from My Independence, ASDAN’s new suite of programmes mapped to the four preparing for adulthood pathways.

Person-centred planning aims to ensure that planning for a learner’s life beyond formal education reflects their own hopes and aspirations.

Although brilliant for learners with SEND, these person-centred approaches are beneficial to all humans (big or small) and can be completed with classmates, friends or colleagues.

  1. 'Like and admire' tool – developing a more positive identity

The ‘like and admire’ tool can be used by learners for self-reflection and group discussion. It can also help students develop a more positive mindset of themselves and others and support them to be aware of the impact of their actions on others.

Suggestions about how to use this tool include:

  • Asking others to chart what they like or admire about the learner, recording these ideas in the tool and sharing it with the student
  • Asking the learner to complete the tool for each member of their household

This tool would work as a warm and fuzzy Secret Santa gift! Who wouldn’t want to receive a letter or poster full of lovely things written about them?

  1. Relationship circle helps to clarify who is important in the learner’s life

The festive season is an opportunity to celebrate those we live with – choosing to focus on the positives brings benefits for the learner and those around them.

  • Start with the young person in the centre and work outwards
  • The inner circle contains the people closest to the young person
  • The second circle contains people that the young person likes
  • The outer circle contains people who offer support and are significant in the young person’s life
  1. Matching support – match a learner’s needs with the best support

This busy time of the year could be a good opportunity to think about who your learner feels most comfortable around and why. Who helps them on good days and how? Who does the young person avoid on bad days and why?

You can use our matching support tool when recruiting new staff or services.

  1. From presence to contribution – identify a learner’s level of engagement

When your learner begins an activity of any kind this Christmas, work through this tool alongside it. Go through the tool’s stages from ‘being present’ to ‘opportunity to contribute’.

  • Think about how a young person can be more involved in activities, including ones that are new to them.
  • To identify what it might look like if a young person was fully engaged in an activity
  1. Important to, important for – boosts confidence with self-advocacy

The Christmas period can be busy and loud and it can be challenging for anyone to express their needs. This tool can help learners express what matters to them if they feel that their voice isn't being heard. It can also help if there have been changes in the young person’s physical or mental health.

  • Develop two lists of ‘important to’ (anything that the young person would greatly miss if it was taken away) and ‘important for’ (things that help the learner stay healthy and safe), to provide a balanced view of what effective support looks like for the young person.

Two boys in Christmas jumpers completing homework

We hope these tools are useful to you and your young person. Let us know how you get on by tagging ASDAN on Facebook or Twitter. Have a wonderful Christmas!