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A big congratulations from ASDAN

Today, over five and a half million learners from across the UK will be finding out the results of their GCSEs and other qualifications. Many will be filled with a sense of hope, and likely some anxiety, to see whether they have achieved the grades predicted, for these qualifications play an important part in determining the next step in their education. 

That said, it’s also important to remember that success comes in all shapes and sizes, as Jenny Williams, ASDAN Chief Executive explains.

“Today is a day to celebrate everyone who has made progress in their education during the last year. That includes those who have grown in confidence, developed skills, discovered a passion, explored what the future might hold, as well as those who have ‘made the grade’ in their GCSEs. We know that the last year will not have been easy. Mental health and wellbeing concerns are very real issues for growing numbers of young people, as is the greater diversity and complexity of learning needs for both learners and their teachers. We congratulate you all on your progress and success and celebrate all your achievements. 

“ASDAN knows all too well however that today is a day that young people’s disengagement with their education can be compounded.  A significant number will miss out in the exam grades race, almost a third will not achieve a grade 4 in English or maths for example, which is detracting them from developing the kinds of qualities and skills they will need to thrive. This is why we continue to believe in our offer of regulated qualifications and accredited programmes for learners to gain skills in personal effectiveness for learning, work and life.” 

Proud of learners’ achievements 

We are delighted to have awarded over 40,000 learners ASDAN accredited programmes and qualifications throughout this year, 12% more than the previous year.  

We’d also like to congratulate our members who have supported ASDAN learners to succeed this year. We couldn’t be prouder, and we wish all our learners the best of luck for the next stage of their journey. 

To help us celebrate, here’s a small selection of ASDAN achievers with their certificates. 

Perth Grammar School  

This image was taken by Perth Grammar School after a group of their students recently completed our Science Short Course. They said, “It’s been a great year of learning lots of science and developing skills.”  

Coach My Sport 

Coach My Sport Leadership Academy offers training and mentorship for young people in Stirling, Scotland. Recently, nine young learners from St Modans High School completed ASDAN’s Employability Skills Development.  

Tigers Trust  

Tigers Trust is a charity that provides sporting opportunities for the people of Hull and East Yorkshire. This year, a group of Year 11 students the charity worked with from Malet Lambert School received ASDAN certificates in our Careers and Experiencing Work Short Course and PSHE Short Course.

Better Lives Partnership 

Better Lives Partnership is a charity supporting young autistic people or those with additional needs in Dumfries and Galloway. Here are a group of their young people who have completed ASDAN Short Courses in Football, Sport and Fitness and Computing

Would you like to celebrate your learners? 

We always enjoy seeing ASDAN learners with their certificates. However, success doesn’t always have an end goal or follow a linear timeline. Sometimes, success is the small wins and little progresses made every day.  

Here are three quick and easy ways you can help us to celebrate your learners’ successes and progress (big or small!) with you.  

1. Tag us in your posts 

If you’re posting images and updates of your learners doing an ASDAN course on socials, don’t forget to tag us in your posts. We’re always on the lookout for images of ASDAN learners to share and like but tagging us makes it so much easier for us to spot.  

Instagram: @ASDANeducation | Twitter: @ASDANeducation | Facebook: @ASDANeducation 

2. Send us a picture 

We’ve recently introduced our 'My Skills Story' series across our socials. Most weeks we feature an image of an ASDAN learner with a little bit about what they’ve been working on. Send us a DM with an image of your learner(s) and we’ll make sure to tag you in our posts.  

3. Check out our blog

We love hearing from our members who have lots to say and want to see their learners recognised in a longer article featured on our blog. Email us at if you would like to share their success story. We’ll be in touch to find out more.