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ASDAN provides high quality customer service, say centres

We strive to provide the personal touch at ASDAN, giving our customers the best possible experience. Holly Edwards, Charity and Member Services Manager, reports on the organisation’s latest customer survey results.

Once the raucous roar of the festive season has died down, it can be difficult to re-focus for a new year; January stretches ahead and the summer seems forever away. I find it takes something especially inspiring to put a fresh spring in my step, so I am even more pleased than usual to share with you the results of the 2019 customer survey which has been our very best yet.

High rating from centres

We heard from more customers than ever before, giving us an extremely useful insight into how you feel about working with ASDAN, and the impact our courses are having on learners.

  • 93% rated the service they received from our central office as excellent or good
  • 91% strongly agree or agree that they feel proud to be associated with ASDAN
  • 90% rated the effectiveness of ASDAN's courses in developing personal, social and work-related skills as excellent or good
  • 92% rated the ongoing support from their regional representative as excellent or good
  • 94% find the pricing structure very clear or clear
  • 93% rated the delivery time for books or curriculum resources as excellent or good
  • 91% rated the delivery time for learner certificates as excellent or good
  • 96% are very satisfied or satisfied with the accessibility of ASDAN courses

You told us you value our broad range of flexible programmes that:

  • can be tailored to students’ interests and abilities
  • allow you to teach creatively
  • invite learners to take the lead in their own learning

You also highlighted the life-changing impacts our courses have on learners, giving students self-belief, recognising their individual talents and abilities and celebrating them for what they can do – rather than focusing on what they can’t. For some of our learners this has helped them into work or back into education. For some, it has been the only recognised accreditation they have ever received. These are extremely powerful messages and we are so proud that our courses are having such a significant impact on teaching and learners.

We strive to provide a high standard of service to all of our customers, so we were delighted to hear that you value our friendly, professional and personable approach. You appreciate our supportive, flexible service and going forward we will continue to ensure that you can access the help and advice you need, in the ways that suit you.

Constructive feedback

We are so pleased with these results, but are certainly not taking this as a cue to relax our drive to provide the best customer service possible. The survey included some extremely helpful advice and constructive ideas all of which have fed into our plans for the coming year. We heard that you can find some of our systems over-complicated; we are working hard to address this and will have some exciting news to share in the coming months about what we have done to make the experience of transacting with us even smoother.

We heard that you value the high quality resources we provide to support your course delivery, but that accessing the free, online resources can at times be difficult. We are looking at how to improve web navigation to ensure you can find the things you need as quickly as possible.

Alongside this specific feedback, we are constantly working to improve our service, and remain absolutely committed to supporting centres across the globe. We hold ourselves to high standards, and will continue working hard to meet them to ensure that our practitioners have the best possible chance at helping learners achieve their goals.

Customer quotes

Finally, I am proud to share with you some of my favourite quotes from this year’s survey. We had lots to choose from, but these made the top of the list as the most inspiring reminders of the impact ASDAN is having on young people across the UK and in more than 30 countries.

You can see when working with learners how they work towards their independence and how the courses have been life changing for them.

[ASDAN courses] have had a really positive impact in that students who have dropped out of education are re-engaged through ASDAN's materials as they can be completed in bite sized chunks, this helps to raise the self-esteem of learners who have thought that they had been rejected by education.

I think ASDAN does really valuable work in giving hope back to children and their parents who had lost it so a big thank you!

I feel very proud to be associated with ASDAN. It has helped our learners gain confidence and new skills that I wouldn’t have imagined two years ago.

They have given our learners a chance to feel proud of achieving when the odds are stacked against them.

Prepares them better than other students for post-16 options by identifying their key skills and giving them self confidence in their abilities.

It gives them confidence and a sense of pride. It also makes their parents extremely proud and hopeful for the future.

A heartfelt thank you to everybody who contributed to this year’s survey; your feedback is genuinely invaluable. The next one will be released in July 2020, but if you would like to share any comments or ideas in the meantime, or if you would be happy for us to contact you for your views on courses, new developments or systems, I’d love to hear from you:

Wishing you all a very happy New Year, and a prosperous 2020 – let’s make it a great one.