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Changes to supporting materials for ASDAN qualifications

As we start a new school year, ASDAN have refreshed our supporting materials for qualifications. A number of materials have been amended, with a focus on improving the standards with guidance documents.

If you are responsible for delivering, assessing and quality assuring ASDAN qualifications, you must be aware of these changes. You can now view a summary of updated materials.

There have been no changes to qualification specifications, however assessment plans and any other documents and materials that are affected by these changes must be reviewed and updated to reflect this.

The requirements regarding what you and your learners must do to achieve these qualifications have not changed at this time, and centres delivering qualifications are still responsible for ensuring that current versions of qualification specifications and guidance are in use at all times.

You can access all ASDAN qualification materials (including the updated versions) on the Qualifications membership page.

For any queries regarding any ASDAN qualification materials, please contact