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Congratulations to ASDAN learners

We are delighted to congratulate learners who have achieved an award from ASDAN this summer. With results published over the last week, we have awarded over 9,000 learners for ASDAN programmes and qualifications. Learners have achieved in a wide range of courses from Entry level to Level 3, including the Certificate of Personal Effectiveness, Personal Progress and Preparing for Adulthood programmes.

“In this extraordinary summer” says Jenny Williams, ASDAN Chief Executive, “we are so pleased to be recognising learners’ achievements after such a challenging time. ASDAN has operated within the Extraordinary Regulatory Framework for qualifications and worked hard to ensure young people in greatest need experience success this summer and can progress with confidence. Looking forward, we will continue to strive to engage, elevate and empower young people in greatest need.”

We would like to thank our centres for their dedication in supporting ASDAN learners to achieve over the last few months and we wish all learners the best of luck for the next stage of their learning journey.