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Develop young people's competencies for learning, work and life

ASDAN is launching new qualifications designed to develop 21st century competencies in communication, collaboration and emotional intelligence for learners working at Level 1 and Level 2.

Personal and Social Effectiveness qualifications, aimed at young people aged 14 to 19, have been developed in collaboration with our members and education practitioners and draw on best practice with regard to young people in greatest need.

Scheduled for launch in England, Wales and Northern Ireland in September 2021, the qualifications build on the success of ASDAN’s Award and Certificate of Personal Effectiveness qualifications.


Personal and Social Effectiveness qualifications:

  • develop targeted skills, attributes and values as well as cumulatively developing learners’ vocabulary stores, understanding and fluency
  • give learners regular opportunities to explore all elements of the curriculum and situate their learning in topics, activities and experiences that have meaning for them
  • provide a pedagogical focus on regular feedback to support the learning process
  • comprise streamlined course content that is intuitive to deliver and assess
  • contain competencies developed in a global context that represent the culture and heritage of young people in greatest need in the UK

The new standards reflect present and future needs of learners, and support ASDAN’s vision for young people’s achievements to be held in high esteem.

What tutors are saying

“In the current context where the curriculum is rigid and not engaging for some learners, to have this course is phenomenal.”

“The scheme of learning is clearly laid out, with activities students will enjoy.”

“This course is an exciting prospect for learners.”

Collaboration with our members

Simon Lawrence, ASDAN Head of Development, said: “We’ve invested significant time with our members and incorporated the latest best practice in the creation of our new Personal and Social Effectiveness qualifications.

"The new qualifications will support learners to be successful in all areas of life, including attainment in other school subjects, further and higher education, as well as in future training and work.

“The content has been inspired by the success of ASDAN’s Award and Certificate of Personal Effectiveness, which have a proven track record in engaging and motivating young people in their education, as well as boosting confidence in core subjects.”

Training opportunities

Booking for webinars and workshops is available through the ASDAN website.

The Personal and Social Effectiveness qualifications training webinar was excellent. It covered everything I needed to know. Really looking forward to planning and starting to teach this course!

– webinar delegate, June 2021