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Download booklet to help learners stay safe during pandemic

ASDAN has worked with SCOUTS South Africa and Scouts of Namibia who have written a free resource to help young people keep themselves and others safe. 

Phrases such as 'social distancing' and 'quarantine' have fallen into everyday vocabulary since the beginning of the pandemic. This resource supports young people with redefining and implementing terms such as these, as well as gaining a greater understanding of Covid-19, the symptoms and how to wear a cloth mask correctly. 

Natasha Kayle, National PR Manager of SCOUTS South Africa outlines the importance of this resource:

"SCOUTS South Africa serves 190,000 children and youth in rural and urban areas nationwide. When the SA government announced the re-opening of schools amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, we wanted to address safety concerns and enable our members to keep themselves and other safe. Once completed, the child would have the skills and ability to share factual information and help their peers understand the risks and manage them."

"Everyone who completes the requirements (both in and outside of Scouting) can purchase a Covid-19 badge. The badge can be obtained from SCOUTS SA's online shop. Proceeds of the sale go towards supporting members in the rural villages and impoverished townships throughout South Africa."

ASDAN's International Development and Regional Manager, Karen Hudspith, details how ASDAN courses can be used to accredit the skills and knowledge gained from completing the resource:

"For ASDAN members delivering Bronze/Silver/Gold Personal Development Programmes (PDP) or the Certificate of Personal Effectiveness (CoPE), the Covid-19 awareness resource provides topical and relevant subject content that can be used as a Section B 'other agreed challenge'. It can also be used for an Open Module, as another way of accrediting 10 hours of work to achieve one credit. Containing a collection of seven tasks and with its focus on health and safety, the completed resource would fit well in the following modules:

  • PDP module seven, Health and Survival, section B
  • CoPE module seven, Health and Fitness, section B

The Covid-19 awareness resource is aimed at any age between 11 and 18 and would fit well with ASDAN's Key Steps, PDP or CoPE."

Download your Covid-19 awareness resource here