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Free environmental activities resource pack and certificates


ASDAN has created a free environmental activities resource pack (pdf 5 MB), designed to equip and inspire young people to care for the environment through fun, practical and engaging activities.

With COP26 making headlines across the world, never has action on reducing emissions and protecting the environment been more important.

ASDAN courses contain many challenges aimed at developing young people’s skills in sustainable living and raising awareness of climate change.

The activities in the free resource pack are suitable for learners aged 13 and over in mainstream education, including activities for young people with special educational needs and disabilities.

Topics covered in the pack include:

  • reducing waste and recycling
  • encouraging wildlife in your local area 
  • growing your own plants and vegetables
  • building a mini greenhouse
  • making birdfeeders out of recycled materials

Learners can track their progress through the ‘Challenge tracker’ in the resource pack, while tutors can award learners with an ASDAN going green certificate for making a positive environmental impact.

The challenges in the resource pack are based on existing ASDAN courses including:

  • Personal and Social Effectiveness qualifications, which help young people develop competencies in communication, collaboration and emotional intelligence at Level 1 and 2 
  • Personal Development Programmes, a broad, activity-based course, which develops learners’ personal, social and employability skills
  • Environmental Short Course, a flexible, internally moderated course that accredits environmental activities and projects
  • Realising Aspirations, developed to meet the needs of learners aged 14 and over with SLD (severe learning difficulties), MLD (moderate learning difficulties), LDD (learning difficulties and disabilities).

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We’d also love to hear your stories of learners who receive an ASDAN going green certificate for their commitment to the environment.

Get in touch if you’d like to find out more about our courses.