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Free resources to help young people prepare for volunteering


Volunteers' Week is an annual recognition of the work millions of people contribute across the UK through volunteering. To celebrate Volunteers' Week 2022, we’re sharing a free resource pack (PDF 1.98 MB) aimed at helping learners prepare for placements and recognise the value of volunteering.

These resources are inspired by our popular, nationally recognised Volunteering Short Course – a flexible, internally-moderated programme which provides a convenient way to capture, record and recognise the important work of volunteers.

Our free volunteering resource pack (PDF 1.98 MB) aims to support learners aged 13+ (Entry level 3 to Level 2) and includes fun and practical challenges designed to:

  • Help learners identify their aims as a volunteer
  • Record and certificate learners’ volunteering efforts
  • Help young people reflect on their skills and the benefits of volunteering


The resource pack includes a pre-volunteering questionnaire designed to help learners reflect on the outcomes of their voluntary work, as well as a volunteering log to encourage volunteers to journal their experiences. The pack also includes a volunteering witness statement, a post-volunteering questionnaire, and a writing frame to help learners thank the organisers of their volunteering placements.

The resource pack also includes a volunteering certificate to award learners for completing their volunteer placements and making a positive contribution in their community.

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We’d also love to hear your stories of learners who receive an ASDAN volunteering certificate for carrying out volunteering activities.

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