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Free resources to support young people’s financial wellbeing

Understanding the value of money, building good money habits and budgeting are key skills for young people to develop. Running between 18-24 September, UK Savings Week is a chance to encourage young people to build a positive relationship with money.  

We’ve created a free Young people’s financial wellbeing resource pack to help young people take stock of current routines, spot patterns, reflect on future goals and make a step (however small) in the right direction.  

According to the UK Children and Young People’s Financial Wellbeing Survey published in June 2023, only 47% of children and young people aged seven to 17 are receiving a meaningful financial education, as defined in the UK Strategy. 

We recognise that some young people will need different or more support when they are learning about finances. We hope that these resources will support your learners in accessing and learning about these areas, for them to be able to talk about money, to have the confidence to ask questions and help empower them with knowledge to ensure they experience financial wellbeing as an adult – to feel secure and in control of their finances. 

Activities to build independent living 

Our Young people’s financial wellbeing resource pack focuses on three areas, starting with the foundations of how the young person is feeling about their money habits to creating a plan to help them save:  

  • My attitudes to spending money 
  • Savings accounts 
  • Savings plan  

Please do adapt and differentiate these free resources to ensure they are responsive and sensitive to meet the distinctive learning needs of your own unique learners.      

These activities have been taken from Moving On, ASDAN’s new course currently being piloted, which is designed for young people aged 16 and over who are preparing to live independently for the first time. 

Moving On contains five modules: 

  1. Building a home – tenancy, home maintenance, laundry, cleaning and home safety  
  2. Being healthy – physical health, emotional wellbeing, healthy eating and healthy living habits  
  3. Starting your career – further and higher education, training, exploring job opportunities, applying for jobs and being an employee  
  4. Managing money – budgeting, borrowing, saving and spending  
  5. Relating to people – identity, healthy relationships, boundaries, support and being part of a community 

Moving On is planned for launch in spring 2024. Find out more about Moving On.  

We hope our free resource pack helps your young people feel more in control and confident to make good financial decisions. 

Further support on finances 

Organisations such as Young Minds and The Money Charity offer resources, workshops and support with money and mental health.  

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