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Free sexual health resource for Sexual Health Week 

ASDAN is sharing a free sexual health resource to download in support of Sexual Health Week for you to use with your learners. Running from 11 to 17 September, the official theme for this year’s event is ‘Playing It Safe’.  

Taken from ASDAN’s PSHE Short Course, the resource encourages young people to explore the topic of contraception and safe sex. The resource is ideal to use within any PSHE or Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) setting. It has been designed to help young people understand the advantages and disadvantages of different methods of contraception, including protection from sexually transmitted infections (STIs).  

We recognise that some young people will need different or more support when they are learning about these sensitive issues. All of our courses are designed to be delivered in classrooms with high levels of trust underpinned by clear boundaries and expectations. We hope that these resources will support your learners in accessing and learning about these areas of the curriculum.  

The sexual health resource includes:  

  • Session plan including a starter, main lesson and independent activity 
  • Contraception sort cards (for the activity) 
  • Further sources of information and support around contraception 

The resource is also included in the Sexual Health module of our PSHE Short Course. This module was developed in partnership with, and endorsed by, Unity Sexual Health, an NHS service providing free information and support in Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire. 

Our PSHE Short Course was updated in 2019 to assist our members in meeting the requirements of the new statutory guidance for sex, relationships and health education in England, which came into effect in 2020. 

Along with developing learners’ understanding of contraception, this module explores topics of consent, as well as rights and responsibilities in sexual relationships. The content supports young people in developing healthier relationships and sexual wellbeing throughout their lives. 

Please do adapt and differentiate these free resources to ensure they are responsive and sensitive to meet the distinctive learning needs of your own unique learners.    

PSHE Short Course

Infographic outlining the amount of resources (210), sessions plans (63) and PowerPoints (29) there are in the full PSHE Short Course.

As well as the Sexual Health module, our PSHE Short Course offers 10 more modules to support young people to develop their emotional wellbeing and skills to stay healthy, safe and feel prepared for adulthood. 

  • Emotional wellbeing 
  • Keeping safe and healthy 
  • Social media 
  • Alcohol 
  • Tobacco and drugs 
  • Sexual health 
  • Respectful relationships 
  • Families and parenting 
  • Financial choices 
  • Careers and your future 
  • Living in modern Britain 

Each module is packed with resources, fun activities and notes to help you and your learners get the most out of the course.  

Download your free sexual health resource.

Let us know what you think of this free resource pack by emailing us at 

Further support for sexual health and wellbeing 

Brook is a charity supporting people with their sexual health and wellbeing. Visit Brook’s website for more information or refer to the NHS’s information and advice on sexual health.