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Free wellbeing resource for young people

Making New Year’s resolutions is a centuries-old tradition, and January can be a great time to reflect, plan for self-improvement and implement these changes. However, being over-ambitious can be counterproductive and result in broken resolutions. Managing your wellbeing should be an all-year-round pursuit through setting practical and achievable aims.

For young people leaving home or care for the first time, planning ways to create and maintain a healthy lifestyle is crucial.  Set to launch in early 2024, Moving On is a new ASDAN course created with the aim of preparing young people for this significant change and facilitating the move to living independently.

The course was designed around five key aspects of living independently as a young adult, creating the basis for the following modules:

  1. Building a home 
  2. Being healthy 
  3. Preparing for work 
  4. Managing money 
  5. Relating to people 

Each module contains information and activities to develop key independent living knowledge and skills. Working with a trusted adult, learners can determine what is important to them to feel secure and positive in their new phase of life, completing the modules that reflect this. The activities can also be adapted and personalised to create a fulfilling and learner-led experience.

To celebrate the start of 2023 and focus on positive changes, we are sharing a free resource created from the Being healthy module. This element of the course aims to provide learners with the knowledge and techniques to maintain a healthy lifestyle: covering areas including physical exercise, nutrition, personal safety and emotional wellbeing.

Managing mental health is an essential component of a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Our free wellbeing planner (PDF 439KB) is a great way to schedule activities to boost young people’s emotional state. Connecting with others, learning new skills or spending time in nature are options, as is taking exercise. It can be anything that makes them feel happy and comfortable that they consider meaningful to their wellbeing.

For those struggling with mental health, there are organisations that can offer support and advice. The Samaritans are available to help anyone who needs it: visit or call 116 123 for free.

We hope you enjoy this free resource (PDF 439KB). If you would like to find out more about Moving On, please download this information sheet. You can also keep up-to-date with what’s happening at ASDAN by joining our mailing list.