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In-person workshops are back! We can’t wait to see you

Like Apollo 11, like wild bison in the UK – after a lengthy pause, our in-person workshops have returned.

We hope you are well-rested after summer and full of verve for the term ahead. Firstly, we would like to thank our members for providing feedback in this year’s customer satisfaction survey, with many requesting the return of in-person events:

“It would be nice to have face-to-face training as an option, particularly for staff who are new to ASDAN delivery.”

  – ASDAN member, customer satisfaction survey 2022

We are delighted to say that we have listened to your comments and are bringing back face-to-face workshops for selected courses in addition to webinar training.

ASDAN training events provide an introduction to your course, along with guidance on the processes involved, course delivery and moderation, delivered by our team of experts.

Each in-person workshop will include a lunch and time for networking. After so long of only seeing your heads and shoulders and only feeling your energy across the digital universe, we are abnormally excited to host such a great opportunity to meet other members of the ASDAN community.

We can't wait to see you!

Book your London in-person training

We now have in-person training workshops for the following three courses:

Personal Development Programmes (PDP)

Tuesday 8 November in London

Personal and Social Effectiveness (PSE)

Wednesday 9 November in London

My Independence

Thursday 10 November in London


Our brilliant Relationship Managers will be delivering these in-person workshops.

Mike Davis, facilitator of the PDP workshop

“After almost 15 years working for ASDAN, I continue to be passionate in supporting education practitioners to offer high quality learning opportunities so that learners can develop the skills they require to succeed in learning, work and life.”

Martin Lane, facilitator of the PSE workshop

“Our programme of introductory face-to-face workshops provides the perfect vehicle for ensuring our members develop the necessary knowledge and skills to deliver our courses.”

Melanie Baggaley, facilitator of the My Independence workshop

“I have now been working for ASDAN around 4 years, I love being able to support and empower a wide range of centres within my region to run all of ASDAN's offer. It’s amazing to see what ASDAN’s courses enable learners to achieve.”

Book your webinar training

If you are unable to make one of our in-person events or we haven't yet got one for your course, our usual webinar training is waiting for you (slippers and cats welcome).

Head to our training page to view all our events and book your place.

“Best webinar I have ever done. The support materials were fantastic and really made the experience engaging.”

– Training webinar delegate, 2022