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Learners from SEED International complete UK, US and Europe mini-MBA study tour

With the previous restrictions now lifted, this summer saw the return of SEED’s mini-MBA study tour of the UK, US and Europe for learners from China.  

SEED International (with who ASDAN has an agreement to deliver courses to learners in China), offers skills-based learning, student conferences and international educational programmes specialising in China, Europe and North America. They deliver a whole breadth of ASDAN courses ranging from our Short Courses through to our EPQ. This high-profile tour is a great opportunity for learners to delve into the culture, history, industry and commerce of the countries they visit, allowing them to broaden their horizons and move outside of their comfort zones. 

During the trip, learners undertook an ASDAN qualification – the Award of Personal Effectiveness (AoPE) at Level 3, which comes with valuable UCAS points enabling SEED’s learners to make the transition to universities in the UK to continue their studies. AoPE is designed to offer learners a holistic approach to personal development, equipping them with essential life and project skills.  

Around 130 learners began the UK tour in London, where ASDAN relationship managers, Darren Hughes and Sharon Clark-Monks, greeted them alongside former ASDAN Chief Executive, Dr Roger White. This was also replicated in Frankfurt, Germany where a group of 30 students was met by ASDAN’s Head of Programmes and Development, Martin Lane.  

Students started the tour by getting to know each other better, making impromptu short presentations on their interests to practice their communication and teamwork skills. They then commenced their study on a variety of topics. On the last day of the tour each student delivered a presentation on what they had learned about the culture, economy and society of the countries they had visited. 

One of SEED’s programme directors, Doris Huang, shared how valuable this study tour was for their learners: 

“The students do so much in their two weeks in the UK and learn so much about British culture, education and the economic system. Through the lens of economic business, they learn how England operates. This is crucial as many of the students are studying business, so AoPE and the tour give them a picture of how society works. During the two weeks, they get to discover their potential. They talk about their observations, give presentations and make new friends. This allows them to develop their teamwork skills, experience new interactions, plan routines, learn about different job roles as well as negotiation and conflict resolution”  

Throughout the study tour, students visited and researched a range of businesses and landmarks, gaining insights into potential higher education opportunities while broadening their understanding of international business practices. From visiting the Institute of Banking and Finance, to seeing landmarks such as Shakespeare's Globe and taking tours of London and Cambridge, learners have been immersed in a number of activities to broaden their knowledge and understanding and enrich their experience. A highlight for many was an educational tour of Manchester City football stadium, learning how Premier League football teams market and advertise themselves, and how this leads to an increase in members and merchandise sales in the UK and beyond. The European group undertook a similar range of activities in Germany, Switzerland, France, Belgium and The Netherlands. 

The scope of activities allowed learners to gain valuable insights into British and European culture and conduct research comparing Chinese culture to the various aspects of the countries they visited as well as developing their personal effectiveness and project skills, in particular undertaking research, working in teams, and planning and reviewing learning. 

“It was such a pleasure to work with the SEED International staff and students. It has been a rewarding experience for all. The tour was rich in new experiences, and it has been clear to see the remarkable improvement in their self-confidence and transferable skills in such a short space of time. The research topics were varied and featured primary as well as secondary research to lead them to their conclusions. The presentations delivered by the students were engaging throughout and they should be very proud of themselves” 

Sharon Clark-Monks, ASDAN Relationship Coordinator. 

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