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Making a successful transition to secondary school with Lift Off

This week, parents/carers across England were informed of their children’s secondary school offers for September 2020. What can be a stressful time for parents/carers and students alike, the subsequent transition to a new school also brings with it a new set of challenges.

To support students with this transition period, ASDAN offers Lift Off, an activity-based programme that develops soft skills and builds self-esteem to help learners make a successful transition from primary to secondary school. It consists of activities designed to develop learners' skills in 18 key characteristics that will aid their progression.

Supporting resources

Lift Off helps learners to manage their own learning, recognise their strengths and the characteristics they need to develop, and prepare for their future. It is supported by a range of high-quality teaching and learning resources, including a comprehensive tutor resource pack, student books, stickers and the new Progression Awareness Tool.

The Progression Awareness Tool is a pack of resources that teachers can use to measure learners' progression throughout the transition to secondary school. It can be used to identify specific cohort or individual needs, support self-reflection and provide evidence of the impact of Lift Off. The pack comprises a guidance booklet for tutors, along with 30 copies of various learner resources.

Lift Off in action

Sawtry Village Academy, a secondary school in Cambridge, began delivering Lift Off after senior management identified a need to introduce a more structured and well resourced transition programme. Emma Gilbert, Head of Core Studies, said: “It’s a priority for Sawtry to get to know students well and Lift Off helps you gain a rounded knowledge of the learners. The programme helps staff build up a clearer picture of the student which helps us support their integration into secondary school.”

Find out more

To find out more about Lift Off and download free samples of materials, please visit the course page. You can also speak to one of our advisers about delivering the course.