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Personal effectiveness: tools for learning, work and life

Personal effectiveness is multifaceted. It is our ability to assess information, problem solve, appraise options, find the best outcome and communicate our processes and decisions with others. It is our capacity to work effectively in a team, to recognise our own strengths and areas for development and how we can learn from others. It is also how we equip ourselves with a range of skills and qualities to be the best version of ourselves to succeed in learning, work and life.

For young people making their way in a fast-paced and ever-changing world, we recognise that this process is more complex than ever.

ASDAN's mission is to engage, elevate and empower learners with diverse needs. Our regulated qualifications, accredited curriculum programmes and courses enable learners to achieve meaningful learning outcomes, elevating them to go on to further education, training or work, and empower them to take control of their lives.

Certificate and Award of Personal Effectiveness

ASDAN’s Certificate of Personal Effectiveness (CoPE) is a nationally recognised, portfolio-based, qualification available at Levels 1 to 3. The qualification is also available as a smaller qualification, the Award of Personal Effectiveness (AoPE). Both offer imaginative ways to record and accredit learners’ achievements and a comprehensive framework to improve essential skills and attributes such as problem-solving, strong communication skills and working collaboratively in a team, while supporting the development of numeracy, literacy and digital skills. Through engaging in practical challenges and real-world scenarios, learners gain valuable experiences to boost their personal effectiveness.

Completing a challenge, such as planning and organising a fundraising event for a local charity, can demonstrate the application of core personal effectiveness skills such as teamworking, decision making and problem solving. These experiences contribute to the learners’ personal effectiveness by fostering qualities including resilience, adaptability, and the ability to manage their time and resources efficiently.

Personal Development Programmes

ASDAN’s Personal Development Programmes (PDP) have benefitted hundreds of thousands of learners working at Entry level 3 to Level 1. Evolving to reflect world changes, these programmes offer creative methods of developing, recording and certificating young people’s personal qualities, abilities and achievements.

PDP consists of three programmes; Bronze, Silver and Gold, and certification is awarded on the number of challenges completed. Learners can choose from around 200 challenges across a curriculum made up of 12 modules including Communication, Sport and Leisure, My Environment, Number Handling, Health and Wellbeing, World of Work and Expressive Arts.

By taking ownership of their learning and completing activities that cater to their diverse needs and interests, PDP provides young people with tailored learning experiences designed to enhance their personal effectiveness.

Short Courses

ASDAN’s suite of over 30 Short Courses encompasses an extensive variety of topics including PHSE, careers and work, enterprise, gardening and many more. These flexible, portfolio-based programmes are designed for young people who may benefit from a personalised approach to learning, allowing them to choose subject areas that will interest and engage them. Learners’ achievements are certificated by their teacher or tutor and can be recognised in credits from 10 hours of learning. Credits can be used towards achieving the Certificate of Personal Effectiveness and the Personal Development Programmes.

By engaging in activities focused on areas such as teamwork, leadership, problem solving and communication, learners can develop essential skills to boost their personal effectiveness. Not only can they acquire valuable knowledge, but they can also enhance their confidence by showcasing their new skills. ASDAN Short Courses promote independent thinking and decision making, enabling learners to think critically and make informed choices.

ASDAN’s range of regulated qualifications, curriculum programmes and courses provide a variety of creative opportunities for learners to develop their personal effectiveness skills.

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This article originally appeared in Schools Week on Friday 2 February 2024.