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Updates to ASDAN website

We are updating our website to improve the process of creating and managing cohorts and booking moderation, alongside enhancing some security features.  

These updates will result in the website being unavailable for a period of time on Friday 27 October. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.   

What’s in store?

  1. Streamlined moderation process: You can now moderate multiple cohorts on the same moderation date. You can also separate cohorts by assessor or class.

  2. Enhanced moderations section: We have boosted the visibility of upcoming and completed moderations, which allows you to easily review each cohort. 

  3. Reducing duplication: We can now check for an existing learner record when adding a new learner to the system to prevent duplication. You will also be alerted of existing moderations when making a new booking. 

  4. Centralised resources: All moderation feedback reports can now be accessed in one location. You'll also find sample documents readily available in the same place.

  5. Greater control: You can now select the units ready for moderation instead of just the learners. You can also specify specific learners and units if you have direct certification status (DCS), rather than us assuming the whole cohort.

  6. Displaying results: After moderation, you can view the results of a unit within a cohort.

  7. Expanded learner pages: We’ve added outcomes and unit sections to the learner page, helping you understand learner history, prevent duplications, and identify progression opportunities. 

  8. Progress bar: We've introduced a progress bar, allowing you to use larger cohorts without worrying about timing out. 

While we are excited to share these updates - we understand some members might require guidance. Therefore, we have included a ‘How do I use this page?’ feature to guide you through these changes. This feature gives an interactive tour through the main parts of the page and highlights key actions. 

We have also included additional guidance documents to help you interact with the new system. There are guides for: 

While these updates have been designed to improve your interaction with the cohort and moderation pages, you may prefer to book your moderation before 27 October if you are familiar with the current process.  

Thank you for being a valued ASDAN member.