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Develop learners’ research skills through free festive activities

With the end of term fast approaching, the ASDAN elves have been busy making an early present for your learners in the run up to Christmas.

Our free festive activities resource pack (pdf 5 MB) contains fun challenges designed to develop numeracy, literacy and analytical skills in learners aged 13 to 16, working from Entry Level 3 to Level 2.

The main challenge will give learners an insight into people’s Christmas habits, from finding out their favourite song, to answering the question on everyone’s lips – who actually likes eating Brussels sprouts?

There’s room for learners to get creative and add in their own questions too, such as what’s the best Christmas film ever? Or if it’s too hard to choose, a top three.

Learners working at higher levels can also explore different customs and traditions at Christmas from around the world.

Once all the survey data has been collected, learners can then apply their art and design skills to visually present their results through charts and graphs, before reflecting on their findings. Extra challenges based on themes from the survey are included in the pack.

The activities can be delivered in tutor time or as a fun activity in subject lessons across the curriculum, including:

  • mathematics
  • English
  • PSHE
  • citizenship
  • religious studies
  • food technology

You will also find a ‘festive spirit certificate’ included in the resource pack to present to your learners and recognise their achievements.

For ASDAN learners undertaking Personal Development Programmes, the survey can also be completed as an ‘other agreed activity’ as part of module six, Number handling.

Similar activities to those in the festive resource pack can be found across many ASDAN courses, including the Mathematics Short Course and Personal Development Programmes. They can also be used to help learners prepare for some of the challenges in ASDAN's Personal and Social Effectiveness Level 1 and 2 qualifications.

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