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New guide on the complete admin process for delivering ASDAN courses with external moderation

We are excited to announce the release of a new, easy to follow guide outlining the administrative process for delivering ASDAN courses with external moderation. See ASDAN course admin process explained 

This guide is specifically designed for our Personal Development Programmes, Preparing for Adulthood programmes and all ASDAN qualifications (excluding the Extended Project Qualification). 

Key features 

This guide shares the admin process from adding learners to receiving certificates. It also links to the existing explained guides for learners, cohorts, units and moderations listed below: 

  • Learners explained: guidance on adding, viewing, editing and removing learners  
  • Cohorts explained: step by step process for creating and administrating a cohort, as well as assigning them to booked moderations  
  • Units explained: managing and reviewing units, and assign them for moderation  
  • Moderation explained: sharing the detailed process from creating cohorts to certification 

We encourage all ASDAN members to take advantage of these guides to ensure efficient course delivery. These can be shared within your centre and used as an essential reference tool to support your staff. 

To get started, log in to the ASDAN members area