Lift Off


What is it?

Lift Off is an activity-based programme that develops soft skills and builds self-esteem to help learners make a successful transition from primary to secondary school. It consists of activities designed to develop learners' skills in 18 key characteristics that will aid their progression.

Lift Off will help learners to manage their own learning, recognise their strengths and the characteristics they need to develop, and prepare for their future. It is supported by a range of high-quality teaching and learning resources.

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Who is it for?

This flexible programme for learners aged 10–12 can be delivered in primary and secondary schools.

Evidence from the pilot scheme shows that Lift Off has an impact on the readiness of learners to thrive at secondary school – in particular disadvantaged learners.

Facts and Figures

  • Flexible, activity-based programme to aid transition
  • Certificates of achievement can be awarded at the discretion of the tutor
  • Lift Off has been created by ASDAN as a result of a research project and pilot scheme in association with The Progression Trust. You can find out more about the findings of the research project and pilot scheme in the Lift Off summary report and the full external project evaluation by Tiller Research Ltd.


Lift Off is made up of three modules. Each module contains six characteristics that will help develop learners’ skills:

  • Awareness: Strengths, Possibilities, Challenges, Routes, Information, Support
  • Aspiration: Self-worth, Self-efficacy, Self-control, Purpose, Resilience, Determination
  • Attainment: Planning, Communication, Self-improvement, Application, Collaboration, Problem Solving

Learners complete challenges to develop these characteristics and aid their progression.

Resources and materials

The following materials are available to support Lift Off:

  • Tutor resource pack – containing session plans for each characteristic, supporting resources and guidance for tutors. Module resource packs are available for centres working on a particular module. A full resource pack is available for centres working across all three modules.
  • Student books – each learner will require their own copy of a Lift Off student book, featuring templates to record their progress and reflect on their experiences. Separate student books are available for each of the three modules – Awareness, Aspiration and Attainment – to support learners working on a particular module. Two student books are available for learners working across all three modules – one for use in  primary and secondary settings and one for secondary only.
  • The Progression Awareness Tool has been developed to support the delivery of Lift Off. It can be used to identify specific cohort or individual needs, support self-reflection and provide evidence of the impact of Lift Off. The pack comprises a guidance booklet for tutors, along with 30 copies of various learner resources.
  • Packs of stickers – can be used at the discretion of tutors to show when a learner has developed a particular characteristic. These can be used on learners’ work or given as rewards.


Tutors can reward learners' achievements using internally-awarded certificates.

Certificates are available to purchase in packs of 30 and can be awarded at the discretion of the tutor.

Getting started

For centres new to ASDAN, your first step is to complete the centre registration form.

Current ASDAN centres need to ensure that Lift Off is added to their centre's registration.

Following registration, you will be able to purchase your books and access additional resources and guidance via the members area of this website. ASDAN also provides introductory training workshops and can arrange in-house training.


All student book, certification and registration prices shown below are per learner, unless otherwise stated.

Item Price
Lift Off tutor resource pack (full) £139.00 +VAT
Lift Off module resource (per module) £50.00 +VAT
Lift Off student book for primary to secondary £4.20 +VAT
Lift Off student book for secondary £4.20 +VAT
Lift Off module student book (per module) £4.20 +VAT
Lift Off stickers (optional, 18 per sheet, pack of 30 sheets) £13.20 +VAT
Lift Off certificates (optional, pack of 30) £14.80 +VAT


All prices valid from 1 September 2019 until 31 August 2020. Prices are shown exclusive of VAT. 

What next?

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