Our partners

ASDAN is actively involved with various exciting and inspirational projects, collaborations and partnerships. Browse the list below to find out more about the organisations we work with.

Members with ASDAN Customised Accreditation

Action Youth Boxing Intervention

Action Youth Boxing Intervention (AYBI) works with children and young people to improve their social and physical wellbeing through non-contact boxing fitness training. Our club also serves as a learning and development hub for at-risk young people in the local area, giving them somewhere safe to go to connect with their peers and learn new skills. Through our community outreach programmes and interventions, we also engage with young people to help break the cycle of knife crime and gang activities

African Impact

African Impact's Global Awareness Programme, for schools, is an educational course, delivered in class and in Africa, which aims to develop responsible global citizens, by working with the communities we support from our permanent project bases across Africa. 

Students are practically involved with real world solutions and can learn from and collaborate with our team of specialists, via live interactive calls, who live and work across these permanent bases, allowing students to learn through experience. 

African Impact is an educational travel company which has been offering developmental programmes, including service-learning, volunteering, internships, and expeditions across Africa for over 15 years.

Awareness Matters Ltd

Escape the Trap has been developed for 13 to 16-year-olds, particularly girls who are vulnerable to, or affected by, teenage relationship abuse. This simple, straightforward and accessible eight-week programme uses a combination of exercises, creative activities, self-reflection, light research and discussion to develop learning, awareness and understanding.

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Boxing Awards

Boxing Awards Ltd and the Amateur Boxing Association have devised a range of awards to help young people to develop their boxing skills. Each level carries 1 credit into ASDAN qualifications. ASDAN has also mapped out a way for all 12 credits of CoPE to be achieved through boxing-related activities. ASDAN is running a range of CoPE training events to enable boxing tutors/teachers to put this into practice.

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British Youth Council

The Local Councillor Shadowing Award has been designed to recognise young people's understanding of and involvement in local democracy. The Youth Voice Award recognises and accredits the hard work that young representatives do within their local communities, and challenges them to try something new and innovative. Young people will be required to complete at least ten hours of activities to gain the award.

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Camps International

Camps International offer volunteer trips to Africa and Asia for people of all ages. They are committed to social development and environmental protection. Volunteers on one of their 1-3 month programmes are able to have their work accredited by the Universities Award or CoPE Level 3.

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Go Beyond

Go Beyond is a national children’s charity that provides some of the most disadvantaged children in the UK with free, week-long, respite breaks in the countryside and on the coast. The young people referred to Go Beyond enjoy new challenges and experiences which promotes belief and success in themselves, and in supporting others.

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Dragonfly Children’s Services Ltd

Dragonfly Children’s Services Ltd provides services to meet the needs of children across a range of disciplines, with the ultimate aim of improving outcomes for children. Dragonfly is building on the success of its initial service, Chrysalis Assessment and Support Centre, to grow and develop further services for families. This will allow all parents in the community to access groups, improve their parenting knowledge and skills, and gain accreditation for their efforts.

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Fresh Start in Education Ltd 

Fresh Start in Education Ltd provides independent, one-to-one tutoring for children in Key Stages 1-5, who are excluded, disengaged or not able to attend school for any reason. Using MAPA trained staff who specialise in de-escalating conflict, Fresh Start in Education specialises in providing personalised tuition and learning plans for children with challenging behaviour, helping to educate them to GCSE and A-Level, and re-integrating them back into mainstream education.

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Global Action

Global Action facilitates global learning for UK schools in Nepal, India, Switzerland, Zanzibar Island, Costa Rica and Borneo.

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GVI tackles critical local and global issues by operating award-winning education and training programmes on sustainable development projects around the world.

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Holocaust Educational Trust

The Holocaust Educational Trust works with schools, colleges and communities across the UK to educate about the Holocaust and its contemporary relevance. The Lessons from Auschwitz project is a four-part course for students aged 16 to 18 across the UK. It includes a visit to Auschwitz-Birkenau and an opportunity for the students to pass on what they have learned to their peers and their community.

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Hounslow Action for Youth Association

Hounslow Action for Youth Association (HAY) is a charity dedicated to helping vulnerable children and young people reach their full potential.  Our Trauma informed approach allows us to  to help the local community come together in a safe, caring environment. HAY’s vision is to open new doors for children and young people showing them possibilities that they otherwise might not have imagined. We offer a wide range of projects, activities and workshops to support young people in Hounslow.  Our aims are to :

  • Enable young people to exercise their influence through their creativity and shape the cultural and political spheres.
  • Divert children and young people from crime or anti-social behaviour through the provision of stimulating activities and personalised support 
  • Provide family support to help young people improve relationships with their families and community for better mental and physical health. 

We have successfully created two accredited projects which support young people in learning about the publishing industry and developing their own businesses.

Investing in Children

Investing in Children provides research and participation services to organisations that work with children and young people. We create spaces for children and young people to come together to discuss ways of developing and improving the services and activities that are provided for them. We also support adults to make change happen.

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HKMU LiPACE is the professional and continuing education arm of the Hong Kong Metropolitan University. As expressed in its motto “Advancing VPET and Lifelong Learning for All”, LiPACE is an established Vocational Professional Education and Training (VPET) provider of full-time post-secondary education, part-time professional and continuing education, corporate training as well as community learning programmes.

LiPACE provides quality programmes and courses distinguished by creativity, novelty, and the creation of value for learners at different stages of their learning needs.

Find out more about HKMU LiPACE

Open Palm

Open Palm is a registered charity, supporting young people through education and promoting racial equality. We deliver life-skills to under-18s through our innovative WYZ® programmes, covering the topics of personal finance and employability. WYZ is aimed at Black, Mixed Heritage and Ethnic Minority youths (but open to all) and improves financial and employment outcomes that disproportionately affect these groups. WYZ programmes are recognised by ASDAN.

We also support under-funded secondary schools with tech donations, through our Project Spark initiative. We empower ethnically under-represented young people through our Project Enlighten, which showcases role models and normalises achievement.

Founded in July 2020, we have supported 8,173 young people in our first 18 months of operating


Overworld represents the inception of the first UK based e-sports venue of its kind incorporating an e-sports/gaming arena, viewing screens, VR room, green screen rooms, streaming booths and broadcast production suites. They are supported by social influencer Nitro Luke DX, who created the Overworld Academy to support a digital generation as part of their E-Able programme. 

The Customised Digital Media Study Programme consists of 6 short courses for SEN learners across a wide spectrum. Courses include Making a Radio Show, Making Digital Images, Making a TV Advert, Making Audio Recordings, Create a Live Stream and Create a Video for YouTube. 

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The Lord Mayor's Show

The Lord Mayor's Show is an annual procession dating back to before 1535 to mark the inauguration of the new Lord Mayor of London. ASDAN has been a part of the show since 2010 and is working with the Lord Mayor’s Show to certificate the participation of 2,000 volunteers.

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Primetime at the Vine

Primetime Young Leaders Network empowers young people (aged 13-18) through an accredited award, and enables them to develop key skills for employment, life and leadership. Young Leaders are equipped with the skills required to design and deliver sessions, while being empowered to overcome their own disadvantage. 

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UK Youth

The Youth Achievement Awards were developed with ASDAN and are offered in collaboration with UK Youth. The YAA take a peer education approach to recognising and accrediting young people's achievements. They are designed to encourage young people to take a more active role in youth work activities that interest them.

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Youth Action Wiltshire

Community First is Wiltshire’s rural community council, a registered charity since 1965. Youth Action Wiltshire, its award-winning youth arm, provides the Young Carers Service, Youth Group Support Project, NEET Prevention Project and Young Leaders Training Programme.

Find out more about Youth Action Wiltshire

Youth Adventure Trust

The Youth Adventure Trust is a youth development charity working with vulnerable young people aged 11 to 16 years old from Wiltshire and Swindon. Their outdoor activity based programme enables young people to challenge themselves, experience success, learn to go beyond their own expectations and grow in confidence. Through a series of residential camps and day activities they are able to build resilience, self esteem and develop social and life skills. The Youth Adventure Trust's aim is to make a lasting improvement to the lives of vulnerable young people.

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Zest is a community enterprise in Sheffield delivering high quality and responsive services to local people. We are passionate community enablers, working to tackle local inequalities and improve community wellbeing.

Our vision is to enable everyone in our communities to lead successful and healthy lives. We provide a healthy living centre delivering services across:

  • Health and wellbeing
  • Employment and skills
  • Sport, leisure and recreation

We foster communities where everyone feels welcomed, valued and can fully participate in the life of the community. We play an active role in supporting disadvantaged communities in Sheffield.

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Organisations we work and collaborate with

ASDAN China offer skills-based learning, student conferences and international educational programmes specialising in China, Europe, North America. Students can earn CoPE Level 3, Universities Award, Short Courses and AoPE Level 3. ASDAN China can also register schools in China to become ASDAN centres.

Find out more about ASDAN China

ASDAN worked with the Association for Language Learning (ALL) to produce and promote the Languages Short Course, which is aimed mainly, but not exclusively, at supporting core subjects in schools.

Find out more about Association for Language Learning

The purpose of the Awards Network is to bring together eligible organisations to:

  • Promote Awards opportunities for young people in Scotland to young people and youth workers to encourage participation and improve access
  • Promote information about the content, benefit and connections between Awards to prospective employers, education establishments, other stakeholders and the wider public
  • Share information, skills and good practice in appropriate areas
  • Conduct any other partnership project or activity which develops or promotes access to individual learning awards in Scotland

Find out more about Awards Network

In Care, In School is a partnership project between Bath and North East Somerset (B&NES) In Care Council, the Local Authority, Bath Spa University, Off The Record, ASDAN, the PSHE Association, The Who Cares? Trust, Buttle UK, VisionWorks, the National Union of Teachers and a range of other local and national partners.

Find out more about Bath Spa University

The Co-operative College is working with ASDAN to develop ways to support co-operative studies and enterprise.

Find out more about Co-operative College

ASDAN is a supporter of the Fair Education Alliance, a coalition of organisations aiming to work towards ending the achievement gap between young people from the poorest communities and their wealthier peers. The alliance works collectively to find solutions to address educational inequality and monitors the progress made to narrow the gap.

Find out more about Fair Education Alliance

ASDAN worked with the Geographical Association to produce and promote the Geography Short Course, which is aimed mainly, but not exclusively, at supporting core subjects in schools.

Find out more about Geographical Association

ASDAN worked with the Historical Association to produce and promote the History Short Course which is aimed mainly, but not exclusively, at supporting core subjects in schools.

Find out more about Historical Association

London Citizens is an alliance of 200 schools, universities, faith and community groups. It trains people of all ages, faiths and backgrounds to take action together for change, developing local and national campaigns on issues that are important to them.

Find out more about London Citizens

ASDAN worked with MEI (Mathematics in Education and Industry) to produce and promote the Mathematics Short Course, which has been designed to develop functional mathematics skills and support learners in preparation for GCSE Mathematics.

Find out more about Mathematics in Education and Industry

ASDAN worked with NAC Group to produce and promote the Manufacturing Vocational Taster, which has been designed to offer learners a practical introduction to careers in the manufacturing sector.

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The Wildlife Trusts are one of the UK’s leading providers of outdoor learning. With more than 500 staff and volunteers in their education teams, they work with thousands of schools and education establishments.

The Wildlife Trusts are proud to endorse the Environmental Short Course: "Connecting people and wildlife is at the heart of what we do, and we are delighted that ASDAN’s Environmental Short Course can help to support this.”

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Regulators of ASDAN qualifications

ASDAN is approved as an awarding organisation for qualifications and is regulated by CCEA in Northern Ireland.

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ASDAN is approved as an awarding organisation for qualifications and is regulated by Ofqual in England.

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ASDAN is approved as an awarding organisation for qualifications and is regulated by Qualifications Wales in Wales.

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