English Short Course - 2A1: 60-second presentation topics

What is it?

These cards can be cut out and used in a lucky dip for learners to select topics for their 60-second presentations on a random topic. A blank template sheet is included for staff (and learners) to add their own ideas. This resource links to challenge 2A1 of the English Short Course. You could carry out this challenge using the rules from the radio show Just A Minute. In this, speakers need to speak for one minute without deviation, repetition or hesitation. If they do, other participants can lodge a challenge and take over the topic. Words such as a, the or and are allowed to be repeated, as can the title of the topic. Contestants get a point for correctly interrupting if they spot someone repeating, deviating or hesitating, and whoever is speaking at the end of 60 seconds gets a point. If someone can talk for the whole minute, an extra point is given.

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