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Key Steps Online Tutorial

ASDAN’s Key Steps is a PSHE and Citizenship programme for ages 10-14, which provides a way to record and celebrate personal and skills development throughout Key Stage 3.

ASDAN has produced a training video for Key Steps, which can be viewed below. This video will give you all the knowledge and training you need to deliver this programme.

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Please note: This tutorial has been created for the pre-2016 version of the Key Steps student book. Centres using the 2016 student book may find this tutorial helpful, however some of the content will be out-of-date, in particular:

  • Action Plans and Reviews have since been replaced with Skills Sheets – the differences between these are minimal and guidance can be found in the student book
  • CoPE is still a GCSE-sized qualification, but is not an equivalent qualification for the purposes of school performance data
  • There are 180 challenges in the new student book – these have been updated to reflect changes to the PSHE and Citizenship programmes of study
  • The costs of centre registration and materials have changed since the video was made

Training objectives

  • To provide an overview of Key Steps
  • To look at the national picture for Citizenship and PSHE at Key Stage 3
  • To look at how to build a portfolio
  • To introduce planning and moderation
  • To explain progression opportunities

What is Key Steps?

Key Steps is a programme of activities covering Citizenship, PSHE, Internationalism, Environment, Enterprise and Personal Finance education. Key features:

  • aimed at 10-14 age group (Key Stage 3)
  • activities presented as Personal Challenges
  • 100% portfolio assessment
  • accredits personal skill development
  • provides progression into further ASDAN programmes and qualifications,
    e.g. the Certificate of Personal Effectiveness qualification

Detailed information about this programme is available on the Key Steps page.

1. Introduction

  1. Introduction
  2. The ASDAN Approach to Learning
  3. What You Need to Deliver Key Steps
  4. How Key Steps is Structured
  5. How to Internally Verify Students’ Work
  6. Other Important Features of the Key Steps Book
  7. Progression Opportunities
  8. Further Information
  9. Play All