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Customer Service

ASDAN aims to deal respectfully and effectively with all enquiries and communications, and secure the loyalty and trust of our registered centres by providing outstanding service and high quality materials.

As a registered centre, you enjoy a wide range of benefits including:

  • a dedicated ASDAN regional relationship contact
  • expert advice and support throughout the working week in relation to the administration and delivery of ASDAN courses
  • free teaching and learning resources – is our bank of high quality resources covering diverse topics from health to employability
  • step-by-step guidance to support delivery of your chosen courses through the ‘my courses’ section of the members area:
  • support via phone, email or live chat Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 5pm
  • free surgeries and information days for face-to-face advice, guidance and networking
  • free termly network CPD and update meetings for centres delivering our programmes
  • free support and CPD meetings for centres delivering our qualifications
  • guidance and support throughout the qualifications centre approval process
  • printed copy of the annual impact magazine showcasing the success of our centres in developing learners’ personal, social and work-related skill

Free postage and packaging for all UK centres

  • We are delighted to announce that ASDAN will provide free postage and packaging for all UK centres from September 2019. In addition, from September the cost of in-house training will include travel expenses.

ASDAN aims to ensure that:

  • telephone calls will be answered within five rings
  • emails will be replied to within two working days
  • online workshop bookings will be processed within two working days
  • centre registration applications will be processed within 10 working days
  • orders for books or curriculum resources will be sent out within five working days

What our centres say

Take a look at some key statistics and quotes from our 2018 customer survey.

Complaints, Compliments, Comments

If you would like to pass on your feedback, please read our Complaints, Compliments and Comments procedure and fill out the attached form. You can also email any comments to

Enquiries, Appeals, Irregularities and Malpractice

Any enquiries and appeals against assessment decisions should initially be discussed internally and, if not resolved, the Centre Co-ordinator should notify ASDAN. We will investigate your enquiry or appeal in accordance with our procedures for enquiries and appeals. Full details are provided in the Centre Guidance document, which is available to ASDAN registered centres.

If you are a student or candidate and wish to complain about something that has occurred during your programme or assessments, we will normally expect you to use the complaints or appeals procedures of your institution.

ASDAN provides a Candidate Appeals Procedure which your Assessor or Co-ordinator will provide. When an investigation has been completed, we will write to you to explain what we have done, the conclusion we have come to and why, and any further action we will be taking. If you have questions about this, or if you remain dissatisfied, we will then take up any additional points that you raise. Should ASDAN have cause to investigate potential irregularities or malpractice occurring within registered centres, we will follow our published policies and procedures, which comply with statutory regulations.

All of ASDAN’s quality assurance policies are subject to annual review and evaluation to ensure that they are fair and reasonable, and that we continue to meet our statutory obligations as an awarding organisation.

Equal Opportunities Policy

ASDAN is committed to the principle of equality of opportunity for all, and opposes all unlawful or unfair discrimination on the grounds of ability, age, ethnicity, culture, disability, domestic circumstances, employment status, gender, marital status, nationality, religious beliefs, sexual orientation or social background.

To meet this commitment, we aim to:

  • provide information that is sensitive to the needs of the widest possible range of users
  • ensure that entry requirements, content and assessment demands of all our awards do not discriminate against any person or group, or create unnecessary barriers to achievement
  • ensure access and fair arrangements for all candidates, including those with particular assessment requirements, while not compromising the integrity of the qualifications
  • provide documents that are easily understood and accessible to all, and do not reflect biased or stereotypical attitudes
  • act fairly in all dealings with centres and candidates
  • review all products and services against this policy
  • comply with regulatory requirements and publish information on policies and procedures for access arrangements and special consideration for candidates

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