Our teaching and learning resources have been designed specifically to help you deliver our courses and achieve the best outcomes for your learners. Resources to support course delivery are available on each course page and in the Teaching section of the member's area.

Our most popular resources

Work Experience: Five-day diary

This resource contains a five-day diary that can be used to record work experience activities and skills development (over one working week). The sheets vary day-to-day, with each covering different aspects of a work experience placement.

Common interview questions

This worksheet can be used to support learning in preparation for interviews. Learners are asked to identify commonly asked interview questions and plan their answers to these questions using key points. It can be used to support teaching and learning for the Employability Entry 3 unit 'Applying for a job', where learners are required to present information about themselves at an interview.

Gardening Short Course - 1B1: Gardening jobs log

Learners can use this log template to record different gardening jobs. This resource links to challenge 1B1 from the Gardening Short Course.

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