Accelerating Progress: mathematics

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About this course

What is it?

ASDAN’s Accelerating Progress mathematics course has been designed to support students at GCSE in England, with a special focus on helping learners gain a four or five.

Accessible and engaging challenges are designed to stimulate learners’ interest in the subject and help them experience success.

The programme has been written by a practising mathematics specialist with experience in helping learners make progress and realise their full potential.

Accelerating Progress supports learners to develop the skills required for the problem solving element of questions within the current mathematics specification – the problem solving element is an issue that many students need extra support with. 


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Who is it for?

The course has been designed for learners in Years 10 and 11 in England. In addition, the course can be used to:

  • support post-16 students retaking GCSE English
  • help Year 9s explore the more challenging aspects of the specification before starting GCSEs

How can it be delivered?

This flexible course can be delivered in a variety of different ways, including during after-school intervention sessions.

One of the many advantages to the course is that it has been designed so that non-specialists, as well as fully qualified mathematics teachers, can deliver it. The nature of the course means it can be delivered by a wide variety of staff, which gives schools and colleges more options for delivery. 

Facts and Figures

Course details

Students complete engaging challenges, collect evidence of their work and identify skills development. The challenges in the mathematics programme have a contextual approach, applying subject material to day-to-day events. This reflects the greater emphasis in the mathematics GCSE on applying new skills and knowledge to real-life problems and situations.

Learners can access the course in two ways:

  • Learner workbook: Learners can complete challenges in the learner workbook and gather additional evidence in their portfolio. The workbooks include space for tutors to log feedback, with a record of progress page to demonstrate students’ progress throughout the course. Download sample pages from the Accelerating Progress mathematics learner workbook.
  • E-portfolio: Each learner will receive a login for the e-portfolio, where they will be able to view challenges, upload evidence and access resources. The e-portfolio shows learners’ recent activity and which challenge they need to move on to next.

Learner resources

Electronic copies of a wide range of learner resources such as worksheets and templates are provided when you purchase a copy of the tutor support manual, along with challenge walk-throughs offering a step-by-step guide to each challenge.

Tutor support manual

A tutor support manual is available for the Accelerating Progress mathematics course. This resource has been designed to support experienced mathematics practitioners as well as non-specialists in delivering the course. 

The manual includes detailed tutor notes for each challenge and information on mathematics skills development. Print copies of the manuals include an electronic version, which contains learner resources.

1. Purchase Learner Workbooks or Logins

Each learner will require their own workbook or e-portfolio login to access the Accelerating Progress programmes.

When purchasing e-portfolio learner registrations, tutors can also request a free tutor login so that they can explore the e-portfolio system.

A free PDF certificate is included in the price of each learner workbook or login. Printed certificates are available from ASDAN at an additional cost of £2.35 per certificate, plus P&P.

2. Purchase Tutor Support Manuals

Tutor support manuals are available to purchase below.

Please email to request digital copies.

3. Plan and deliver

Tutors should work with learners to plan which modules, sections and challenges they are going to complete and over what time frame.

If using the e-portfolio, tutors should manage their learners and assign challenges via the tutor portal. Learners can log in to their e-portolio at where they can access challenges and supporting resources, tick off completed challenges, upload their evidence and identify skills development.

4. Check and moderate

Accelerating Progress is internally moderated.

The documents in the course resources below will support you in carrying out internal moderation.

5. Claim learner certificates

Please take care when confirming learner details as the certificates will be generated automatically from the information you submit. 

Certificates will be despatched within 20 working days of receipt of the Certificate Request Form to your centre's Accelerating Progress Coordinator. ASDAN reserves the right to request samples of candidates' portfolios for quality assurance purposes.

6. Progression to other ASDAN courses

Accelerating Progress certificates are credit rated and these ASDAN credits can be used towards other ASDAN programmes and qualifications.

For more information on either of these progression routes, please contact your ASDAN regional representative for advice. 


All costs shown below are per candidate, unless otherwise stated. Each learner will need their own copy of the student book. 
Books or registrations purchased for Accelerating Progress: mathematics are valid for three years from the date of purchase.

Item Price
Accelerating Progress tutor support manual (per course) £165 +VAT
Accelerating Progress learner workbook (per learner, per course) £14.95 +VAT
Learner registrations £10.95
Accelerating Progress PDF certificate Free
Accelerating Progress printed and foiled certificate (optional, per learner, per course) £2.95

Products can be purchased below.