Peer Mentoring Short Course

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About this course

What is it?

The ASDAN Peer Mentoring Short Course accredits up to 60 hours of peer mentoring activity, providing recognition for those who are learning, developing, practising and passing on their skills for mentoring and 'buddying' younger ones.

The flexibility of ASDAN's Short Courses means they can be carried out in a variety of settings, over a time period to suit the individual or co-ordinating centre. Challenge descriptions can be interpreted and adapted according to the situation.

This Short Course can be completed using the student book or is available for learners to complete online through the ASDAN e-portfolio system. Learners log in to complete challenges, record skills development and upload evidence. Tutors can view learner progress and sign off work, leaving feedback as needed.

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Who is it for?

Short Courses are widely used in formal and non-formal settings, by 13-19 year olds. Because they are multi-level, the focus is on completing challenges and skills development according to individual ability, although learners are expected to be working at Entry level 3 to Level 1.

Facts and Figures




Learners must present evidence of their activities in an organised portfolio or e-portfolio.

This will contain:

  • a record of challenges completed, with supporting evidence for each challenge
  • recording documents, showing how learners have planned and reviewed their activities
  • summary of achievement, highlighting skills development
  • personal statement

Course Content

The Short Course is split into four modules, each containing activities based around a different aspect of peer mentoring:

  • Peer mentoring training
  • Peer mentoring practice
  • Peer mentoring review
  • Peer mentoring leadership

Each learner will need their own copy of the Short Course student book or an e-portfolio login – this contains the challenge content and recording documents.

Download sample pages from the Peer Mentoring Short Course student book.

Supporting Resources

A quick guide to Short Courses is available to support the delivery of all ASDAN Short Courses. This document offers advice and guidance for tutors, including a step-by-step guide to delivery.

1. Staff training

• The members of staff with overall responsibility for delivery should attend an ASDAN introductory workshop, webinar or an INSET.
• Training to deliver Short Courses is not a mandatory requirement, however it is highly recommended to ensure that the centre and learners obtain the maximum benefit from the programme.

2. Register with ASDAN

• You will need to have ASDAN Programmes membership to deliver Short Courses. Membership allows centres to purchase materials and access support from ASDAN, including regular mailings and updates.
• Become a member at: or manage your existing membership at:

3. Create a new cohort

• Create a new cohort using the ASDAN website:
• Specify a course co-ordinator, the expected completion date and the number of learners taking the course.


  • Select student books for your learners.
  • Or, assign tutors and generate login details for learners via the tutor portal:

4. Purchase supporting resources

• Buy optional supporting resources below. 

5. Delivery

• Learners can log in to their e-portfolio at
• Deliver the course to your learners. Resources, such as skills sheets, can be accessed through the e-portfolio and downloaded from this page.

6. Internal moderation

• Internally moderate all e-portfolios to ensure that learners have met the full requirements of the course. Ensure learners are given time to make any necessary amendments. Internal moderation checklists are provided to support this process.
• While Short Courses are not externally moderated, ASDAN reserves the right to sample learners’ portfolios for quality assurance purposes.

7. Certification

• After successful internal moderation, confirm your learner names and details claim certificates via the tutor portal:
• Choose a free downloadable PDF certificate, or request printed and foiled certificates from ASDAN at an extra cost.
• Certificates will be posted to the Short Course co-ordinator for your centre within 20 days.
• If credits gained from a Short Course are being used towards another programme or qualification, you must ensure that both the Short Course certificate and the student’s portfolio are presented at external moderation.

ASDAN training events are delivered by experts to enable your centre to successfully run our courses. They provide an introduction to the course, along with guidance on the processes involved, course delivery and moderation.

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All costs shown below are per candidate, unless otherwise stated. Each learner will need their own copy of the student book. Books or registrations purchased for Short Courses are valid for three years from the date of purchase. 

Item Price
Peer Mentoring Short Course student book £10.95
Peer Mentoring Short Course PDF certificate Free
Peer Mentoring Short Course printed and foiled certificate (optional, per learner, per Short Course) £2.95

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Course resources

Evaluation chart (group)

This evaluation chart can be used by learners to evaluate a six-week group activity. Each member of the group should choose a different colour and mark on the graph each week to show what they did and how they felt. At the end of the project, each group member then joins up their marks to give a picture of the whole activity. This resource is particularly suited to challenges in Short Courses, Personal Development Programmes (Bronze, Silver, Gold), CoPE and Wider Key Skills.

Planning a group or team task

This resource can be used when planning a group or team task. It links particularly well to ASDAN's Short Course programmes.

Self-evaluation template

This generic self-evaluation template can be used by learners to evaluate almost any group activity. Learners are asked to record how they felt about the activity and pick out the best and worst bits, before reflecting on what they could do better next time. This resource is particularly suited to challenges in Short Courses, Personal Development Programmes (Bronze, Silver, Gold), CoPE and Wider Key Skills.

Teamwork health check

This generic teamwork health check template can support a wide range of group activities. Learners are asked to come up with a list of agreed ground rules for good teamwork, then rate each group member's performance against these criteria. This resource is particularly suited to challenges in Short Courses, Personal Development Programmes (Bronze, Silver, Gold), CoPE and Wider Key Skills.