SEND provision

ASDAN provides programmes and qualifications for learners with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND). Our courses, suitable for pre- and post-16 students, develop personal, independent living and employability skills through an engaging curriculum.

SEND programmes: Preparing for Adulthood

The Preparing for Adulthood programmes are activity-based curriculum resources. They provide a real-life context to promote the development of personal, social, independent living and work-related skills. These programmes - New Horizons, Transition Challenge, Workright and Towards Independence - prepare children and young people for adulthood and employment. They have been developed for people with a wide range of learning difficulties.

SEND programme: Lifeskills Challenge

The Lifeskills Challenge online challenge bank contains more than 600 challenges, enabling centres to provide a personalised curriculum for people of all ages with SEND. The challenges span a wide variety of topics such as communication, home management, personal care and out in the community. Tutors can choose from existing challenges or write and submit their own challenges for approval.

SEND qualifications

ASDAN's qualifications for learners with SEND can be delivered in a wide range of settings including schools, colleges, residential centres, PRUs and secure units. They are approved and regulated in England (Ofqual), Wales (Qualifications Wales) and Northern Ireland (CCEA) and are supported by high quality resources. Our qualifications, which include Employability, Personal Progress and Personal and Social Development, are portfolio-based and are moderated externally by post.

SEND Code of Practice

ASDAN's SEND courses support the achievement of the four preparing for adulthood outcomes, outlined in the SEND Code of Practice for England. These are:

  • higher education and/or employment - including exploring different employment options, such as support for becoming self-employed and help from supported employment agencies
  • independent living - enabling people to have choice and control over their lives and the support they receive, their accommodation and living arrangements, including supported living
  • participating in society - including having friends and supportive relationships, and participating in, and contributing to, the local community
  • being as healthy as possible in adult life

Meeting Ofsted requirements

Our SEND programmes and qualifications help centres meet many Ofsted requirements, including:

  • developing self-confidence, self-awareness and understanding of how to be a successful learner
  • gaining employability skills so that learners are well prepared for the next stage of their education, employment, self-employment or training
  • understanding how to keep themselves safe from risks such as abuse, sexual exploitation and extremism, including when using the internet and social media
  • knowledge of how to keep themselves healthy, both emotionally and physically, including through exercising and healthy eating
  • personal development, so that learners are well prepared to respect others and contribute to wider society
Registration status
E-portfolio access

Employability Award and Certificate-sized qualifications from Entry 2 to Level 3

Focus Modules to support SEND learners aged 14+

Lifeskills Challenge Online resource for personalised learning and progression

New Horizons SEND curriculum programme designed for ages 9-13

Personal Development Programmes (Bronze, Silver, Gold) - 60 to 180-hour curriculum programme designed for ages 14-16+

Personal Progress Award, Certificate and Diploma-sized qualifications at Entry 1

Personal and Social Development (PSD) - Award and Certificate-sized qualifications at Entry 1-3 and Levels 1 and 2

Preparing for Adulthood Programmes (SEND) (SEND) - SEND-focused curriculum programmes for all ages

Raising Aspirations Modules to support SEND learners aged 13 and under

Towards Independence SEND curriculum programme designed for ages 14+

Transition Challenge SEND curriculum programme designed for ages 14-16

Workright SEND curriculum programme designed for ages 14+

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