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My Independence


What is My Independence?

My Independence is a suite of four certificated programmes for young people with a range of special educational needs. Mapped to the preparing for adulthood (PfA) pathways, My Independence is ASDAN’s key programme to achieve positive outcomes for young people with an education, health and care plan (EHCP).

The key aims of the My Independence programmes are to raise aspirations and specifically address the needs of young people with profound and multiple learning difficulties (PMLD), severe learning difficulties (SLD) and moderate learning difficulties (MLD) through meaningful and creative learning opportunities. Each programme provides a real-life context to reward achievement and foster the personal, social and work-related abilities of all learners by focusing on a person-centred planning approach.

My Independence has been created in collaboration with NDTi, nationally recognised experts in special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) and co-designed with a range of practitioners. The programmes can be used within an existing curriculum or to shape a curriculum that promotes preparing for adulthood outcomes.


Who are they for?

There are four My Independence programmes, catering for learners working from pre-Entry level to Entry level 3:

  • Exploring Aspirations: for learners aged 11–14
  • Transforming Aspirations: for learners aged 14–16
  • Realising Aspirations: for learners aged 14+
  • Supporting Aspirations: for learners with PMLD, all ages as appropriate


My Independence courses have been developed around the four preparing for adulthood pathways:

  • friends, relationships and community
  • employment
  • good health
  • independent living

The flexibility of the programmes is a real positive and I can see that we could make it a good fit for all learners

Feedback from pilot centre

Tutor guidance and resources

Person-centred planning toolkit

The toolkit can be used across all four My Independence programmes, which contain links to person-centred planning tools that can be used to support the course activities. 

Realising Aspirations and Supporting Aspirations

Comprehensive tutor guidance and resources packs have been created to support Realising Aspirations and Supporting Aspirations. These packs are essential for centres delivering these courses as they contain many of the required resources. An electronic copy of the pack will be made available once a centre has purchased a hard copy.

A Realising Aspirations learner record will be available for purchase for each module within the course. You can download a sample of the learner records within the employment PfA pathway here

Exploring Aspirations and Transforming Aspirations 

Learner records will be available to purchase for Exploring Aspirations and Transforming Aspirations. Tutor guidance for both programmes will be provided to centres for free when they attend training and will then be available to download from the members area. 


Realising Aspirations and Supporting Aspirations

  • 17 certificates available in total (one for completion of each module, one for completion of each pathway and one for completion of the full course).
  • An ASDAN printed, embossed certificate can be requested to mark the completion of a full course. The remaining certificates can be downloaded from the ASDAN website.


Exploring Aspirations and Transforming Aspirations

  • Five certificates available in total (one for completion of each pathway and one for completion of the full course).
  • An ASDAN printed, embossed certificate can be requested to mark the completion of a full course. The remaining certificates can be downloaded from the ASDAN website.


Training will be available for new and existing members to help staff introduce My Independence into your centre and, where appropriate, support the transition across from the ASDAN Preparing for Adulthood programmes to the new My Independence suite of courses from autumn 2020.

The person-centred planning tools are a key component of all ASDAN’s My Independence courses. These will be provided to centres who attend training, as part of the My Independence tutor guidance and person-centred planning toolkit.

Additional guidance and mapping will be provided during training for centres in Wales and Scotland.

Please contact your regional representative to register your interest in training or email

CPD meetings

The new framework will be supported by annual professional development meetings (face to face and online).

These meetings will provide opportunities for ongoing development and training for centres, showcasing best practice, networking, collaboration and feedback on portfolios.

These meetings will support centres' ability to self-evaluate their provision against clearly defined measures.

What next?

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