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Employability introductory webinar

Who is this training for?

Practitioners interested in exploring how to use ASDAN’s Employability qualification to accredit and enhance work-related activities, and develop and recognise general employability skills.

To view upcoming webinars for Employability, please visit our training page.

What is the ASDAN Employability qualification?

This Employability qualification provides a framework for developing and recognising general employability skills. It is primarily intended for young people and adults who are not yet ready for employment but for whom getting a job is a reasonable aim within a matter of months.

Detailed information about the qualification is available on the Employability page.

Webinar aims and objectives

To provide information and guidance to support centres in establishing and delivering a successful Employability qualification programme.

The webinar objectives are:

  • To introduce the ASDAN Employability qualification, its structure and content
  • To describe the assessment model and evidence requirements
  • To identify the guidance, resources and support available
  • To describe the administrative and quality assurance procedures for the qualification